When baby number two arrived, I was looking forward to trying out new baby creams, washes and the scents that come along with it. This is what led me to try sebamed Australia Baby Skin Care products.

Sebamed Zoe Marks

First look

The sebamed baby skincare products come beautifully presented in lovely packaging all though bottles in boxes is unnecessary in my opinion. The scents is a lovely chamomile and not chemical smelling at all, which is a big plus. The texture of the creams is nice and smooth without being overly thick.

Zoe Marks Sebamed Review


sebamed baby Shampoo is really good for babies hair – it didn’t leave a greasy residue or smell overly potent. It also effectively clean the crunchy spew patch with no fuss. It doesn’t foam like normal shampoo though.

sebamed Body Lotion – perfect for everyday use resulting soft and smooth skin. The scent is so good.

sebamed Protective Facial Cream – the pump pumped out way too much for a babies face but did a good job of softening babies face.


I will definitely use the Shampoo, Body Lotion and Protective Facial Cream over other products on a daily basis.

Sebamed Zoe Marks


The chamomile scents and shampoo clean is amazing. Shampoo is a must! The soft fluffy result is great.

Over all

I would 100% recommend the shampoo it is my favourite baby shampoo and cleaning product for my little girl by far. The others products I would also through in the mix and if a mum asks about something for dry skin I would lead them in the direction of the Cream Extra Soft.