I have always looked out for the best products to place on my baby’s skin, as a parent you always have worries that an irritation may occur or is my child allergic to any products…so trying any new products can be quite nerve-racking .

First look

My first look at the sebamed baby skincare range after the delivery arrived, I was really happy as all the information on each product was on the box with clear and easy to read information telling me exactly what I should expect after using the products on bub. 

Samantha Rayner Sebamed



The products were truly fantastic each product actually did what it said which I was surprised about as some products I have already used have not lived up to my expectation.

I would defiantly recommend to anyone the protective facial cream and the Cream extra soft. 

Sebamed mummy review



Since using these products I have seen some great benefits for my little man’s skin. As he doesn’t have much hair I used the shampoo to see how his scalp would feel as his scalp has been a little dry since birth, after only a couple of washes some of the dryness has disappeared, there were no tears if any of the product accidently got anywhere near his eyes as we all know keeping a 5 month old still is not possible even in a bath. 

Samantha Rayner Sebamed

My favourite product would defiantly have to be the sebamed facial cream as we are currently battling teething with plenty of drooling it’s been drying his skin out terribly, as soon as I put the first application on I could feel an improvement his cheeks and face was so soft. I did notice the face cream needed to be applied more than once a day to help this, it was so easy to rub into his face and was quickly absorbed.

Both the body cream and lotion were great, during these cold months I found it was better to use the body cream instead of the body lotion as it was easier to rub in and felt a lot more nourishing the smell of the body cream was so subtle and nice.



The affordably of sebamed baby skincare is fantastic! The maximum price of all the products is $19.99. I also found with this product a little bit goes a long way.

Over all

I would defiantly recommend Sebamed baby products to any mum out there wanting or needing to find a great product that works and helps their baby’s skin.