One of the most important things for me to know is that my babies are comfortable and to keep them free from irritation as much as possible. Sensitive skin runs in both sides of our family and I try to avoid soap-based products myself, so I was keen to try out the Sebamed baby skincare range that’s designed for delicate and sensitive skin. 

First look

The packaging is clean and straight forward, so you know what’s in each product and what it can help with. One of the first things I noticed is that everything in this range smells beautiful, whereas some of the other brands I’ve used are quite clinical or have that typical baby-product smell. (Even my husband commented on how nice this one is in comparison, so that’s saying something!)


Jennifer Ring Sebamed


The sebamed baby shampoo lathers nicely, doesn’t irritate little eyes and leaves their fine hair beautifully soft. The body lotion is great to use after a bath as an all over moisturising layer. It’s light and absorbs quickly – particularly handy if you have wriggly babies at the change table! 

Sebamed Mummy Review

The extra soft cream is heavier and works really well as a barrier cream again nappy rash and other irritations. The facial cream is also a lovely moisturising layer to protect from dryness, particularly in this cooler weather and when you’re outside. Both creams helped resolved a couple of skin irritations we were facing. 

Jennifer Ring Sebamed


I saw a noticeable improvement in treating some nappy rash, after switching from another brand of barrier cream to the Sebamed extra soft cream. The rash wasn’t clearing very quickly, but after switching brands it improved overnight and was gone within a couple of days.   

Jennifer Ring Sebamed

The sebamed facial cream is my favourite from the range – we have two teething babies at the moment and it helped clear up some drool rash around their mouths and chins, and also prevented it from reappearing when we continued use the cream every day. What I loved most about the facial cream is that it’s great to give babies an extra layer of protection outdoors and on walks. It’s also in a handy pump pack with a snap lid, so it’s quick to use and throw into your pram or nappy bag when you’re on the go.

Jennifer Ring Sebamed


sebamed Baby skincare products are comparable in price to most other quality baby skincare products, and excellent value for money. 

Over all

I honestly can’t fault this range of skincare, it does everything it promises.