If you have been researching prams lately you have no doubt heard of the brand Redsbaby. While it’s a lesser known brand than the big ones out there it’s well worth investigating further. I wish I had earlier, but as they say better late than never.

First Look

The Redsbaby JIVE² pram I reviewed was an all black pram with simple geometric detail, making it perfectly gender neutral with the ability to add simple contrasting colour details with blankets and toys.

The all black frame was a nice touch with slim and sturdy wheels. You can’t go past this pram without noticing the wonderful hood which is extendable for better coverage and also has air flow mesh sections for those warmer days. One of the best hoods I have ever seen on a pram!

Redsbaby Jive

Ease of Use:

This pram is easily handled with one or two hands on the handlebar. The big open basket below the seat makes it easy to throw things in when on the run including my rather large nappy bag! There are even pockets on the back of the seat for bottles, phones, keys etc.

Redsbaby Jive

When out on the go and baby falls asleep, the seat quietly and easily reclines to a nice relaxed position.

Redsbaby Jive

The included additions of the footmuff/seat liner and parent organiser are easily added to the pram with a click and a zip, they have even designed it with magnets on the footmuff so everything stays in place.

Redsbaby Jive

All-in-one opening and closing has saved me time when travelling  around, making it quick and easy, and I mean really easy, to get in and out of the car, not to mention it fits so easily in my tiny car boot (no Mum van here).

Redsbaby Jive


Our love of walking fits in well with the Redsbaby JIVE². The wheels seem to tackle all the bumps, branches, ditches and footpath cracks that we come across on daily walks.  The harness has a nifty click system with sturdy buttons and clasps.

Redsbaby Jive Carbon


When comparing to other prams on the market, this pram’s affordability and ease of use makes it worth the purchase. Also, our baby girl is taller than most and I know with this pram she won’t out grow it any time soon.


The Redsbaby JIVE² pram seems to have been designed with mums (and dads) in mind. All the features of this pram are the features I wish I had known to look for when purchasing my first pram last year. It’s also nice that it’s Australian designed and owned.

I would comfortably encourage the purchase of this pram.

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