One of my biggest struggles since having my first son more than 6 years ago, has been to find the right bedding to suit the temperature.

I tried layers and sleep suits, blankets and sleeping bags, but never quite felt like my babies were comfortable.

Winter has always been the most difficult with bubs always waking up with ice cold hands after losing their mittens within minutes of sleep.

I’ve always been a fan of sleeping bags as keeping blankets in place is a exercise in futility as any mum will know, but finding the right bag – well that’s the hard part.

Well now there’s a sleeping bag that literally suits all seasons!

Puckababy’s Bag 4 Seasons is a unique multi-functional sleeping bag with zip-away layers, detachable sleeves and even detachable mittens.


The inner layer comes firmly attached to the outer layer for chilly nights and the mittens – also zipped in place – easily pop over bubs hands with no risk of slipping off.

The inner layer detaches to form the perfect autumn bag, leaving the outer layer ideal for Spring conditions.

Finally, the sleeves can be taken off, leaving a light cover for summer.

Suitable for babies aged 6months to to 2.5 years, the sleeping bag has an adjustable length of 74 or 100 cm.

Beautifully soft, this cotton jersey bag comes in a range of gorgeous styles.

It’s a treasure – you’ll want one for yourself!

Puckababy – The Bag 4 Seasons Sleeping Bag RRP $169