The Oricom Secure870  is a step above its predecessor model. We have previously owned the Oricom Secure710, which has proved really reliable and sturdy over the years with our first. However, while unboxing the new Secure870 and holding it up against my cracked and dated Secure710, the new monitor is a noticeable and superior improvement on the previous model.

First impressions, the improved features, with a huge wide screen and smooth clean design, it is striking at first glance. It appears Oricom has listened, and has now delivered!!

Setting up the tilt pan camera and monitor is super easy. Running through a wizard style setup on the touchscreen, pairing couldn’t be easier, the buttons are nice and big, with uncomplicated steps. With pairing of up to four monitors. All ready for installing in just a few minutes!!

Unboxing the orb of a camera, It does appear to look a little odd looking but when reading the key features of this device, the shape does start to make sense. I mean this thing has a massive nigh light, HD lullaby and a new ‘ Star and Planet’ Light show. These can be triggered or set off by a timer from the monitor. You can also adjust the brightness of the light, modify the volume and select many choices of lullabies.

Useful Features

The most useful feature for me are the new alerts on the screen.

Oricom Monitor

Oricom has added new features like:

  • Cry Alerts’ which detects when babies cry at max volume and alerts the parents even when monitor is on mute.
  • ‘Temperature alert’ which can alert the parents when temperatures fluctuate or hit Min/Max sets.
  • Both features have optional adjustments to set alerts to either vibrate, beep or flash on the screen.
  • In addition, with High Definition Sound, Excellent Wi-Fi signal range, very responsive touchscreen and clear talk back make this monitor very impressive.
  • It also has a mini USB power plug so I don’t have to take the docking charger downstairs every time.


The battery efficiency is a little disappointing and hasn’t improved a great deal, as there appears to be a noticeable drain of the battery indicator once off the charger. Also, I’m not sure what the relevance of the yellow temperature light is on the camera, but it illuminates the room when dark, this however can be turned off.

Overall, an excellent, sturdy and feature rich baby camera and monitor from Oricom…I wouldn’t expect anything less. Well done!

Babysense2 Infant Breathing Monitor

We also started using the Babysense2, which came as a bundled package with the Oricom Secure870.

Overall, this product does what it is intended. Thankfully we’ve yet to have the alarm go off, except one occasion when we forgot to switch it off when taking Olivia out of her cot.

Overall, the Babysense2 is a must for any new parent. It provides reassurance that everything is OK with bub. For us, it reduces anxiety levels and provides peace of mind, without any fuss. Which is exactly what I expect of this product.