When it comes to buying a baby monitor a lot of the recommendations from other parents are for Oricom baby monitors. I remember when I had my first baby we had a different brand and I saw the quality of a friend’s Oricom monitor, cue major jealousy! Now that I have two children, I need a monitor that can support multiple cameras and provide high-quality images. So I was pleased to trial the Oricom Secure740 Digital Video Baby Monitor with dual cameras to keep an eye on both my newborn and toddler.

Oricom Secure740 Real Mum Review Erin Warren

First Look

The monitor looks like most standard monitors, which means you know it’s going to be easy to use. The camera and additional camera are both sleek, pivot, and aren’t bulky like some other brands.

Oricom Secure740 Real Mum Review Erin Warren

Ease of Use

Setting up the monitor and pairing the two cameras was so easy I was able to do it without referring to the instructions! For anyone using the one supplied camera it would be even easier as all that is required is plugging the power cords in and turning on the monitor.

Oricom Secure740 Real Mum Review Erin Warren

Useful features

Multi-camera – Having a 4-month-old in a bassinet and a 3-year-old in a cot need two cameras and it needs to be easy to see both cameras on the monitor. The Oricom Secure740 allows up to 4 cameras to be connected and it is super simple to flick between each camera on the monitor.

Oricom Secure740 Real Mum Review Erin Warren

4.3” monitor screen – The monitor has a large screen, which allows you to see clear details.

Night vision – The night vision on the monitor is one of the clearest I have seen!

Oricom Secure740 Real Mum Review Erin Warren

Room temperature – The monitor displays the room temperature and an alarm will sound if the room becomes too hot or cold. You can set the temperature ranges in settings.

Feeding timer – I feel like this is one of the most useful features, especially if you want to sneak in a dream feed. The monitor has an alarm that can be set to remind you when to feed your little one. You can select 2, 3, 4 or 5 hours and the alarm will sound on the monitor for 5 seconds.

Lullabies – From the menu screen you can select 1 of 5 or a rotation of all 5 lullabies to help soothe your little one.

Motion detection – The monitor screen will turn on and display the camera that has detected motion automatically, which is great when you have a toddler who has suddenly realised they can get out of bed!

Oricom Secure740 Real Mum Review Erin Warren


The Oricom Secure740 does everything that you would want and expect. It easily pairs with multiple cameras and displays high-quality images. I’ll definitely be adding a third camera for the play area.

Oricom Secure740 Real Mum Review Erin Warren


The camera does have the ability to pivot for the best angle, however, I recommend placing it on a small bendable tripod to achieve a full view of a cot, especially if your cot has high sides.

I would definitely recommend the Oricom Secure740 to parents and especially to parents who have more than one child and multiple rooms.