Having the opportunity to ‘test drive’ the new Oricom Secure740 Video Monitor was really exciting for me, given the reputation the ‘Oricom’ name holds in the motherhood world!

After using a monitor from another well-known brand since my son was born, and never being 100% happy with the quality of it, I jumped at the chance to review this new monitor on the market.

First Look

At first look I was very impressed with the the whole product!

The camera is small and lightweight, which is a great feature for me, as I like to have the camera mounted to the wall for a birds-eye view of my son’s cot, especially now he is on the move.

The monitor also has a large 4.3″ display which allows for easy viewing of my son whilst asleep. The parent monitor is light weight, which was also a great change to my previous monitor, in that I found to be quite heavy to carry around the house with me while he napped.

The Oricom Secure740 also has the capability of having multiple camera’s available for viewing on the one parent unit, with up to 4 cameras able to be connected. A great feature for parents with growing families! (Additional Cameras sold separately).

Effectiveness and Useful Features

I was really impressed with the quality of the image when using the Oricom Secure740.

For me, the main reason for getting a video baby monitor is so I can visually see my son whilst sleeping, and I was really happy with the picture quality of the Oricom Secure740. The images are sharp and crisp, meaning I can see him breathing and if his eyes are open very easily.

It also has baby friendly night vision and motion detection, which is a cool feature that alerts you with an audible alarm when your baby is stirring and waking up.

The parent unit is straight forward. It’s user friendly, easy to navigate between the different features and shift between menu options.

Another great feature is the white noise and lullaby options.  I was impressed with the sound quality coming from the camera, and the white noise options, of both a womb sound and a vacuum cleaner, is genius! My son is a huge fan of the vacuum cleaner and is always mesmerised by the noise, so as soon as I turn it on, he is out in seconds!

Living in a hotter climate on the Gold Coast, I was very happy to see the room temperature display as part of this monitor. I also liked being able to set an audible alert when the room temperature exceeds the preset high temperature for his room. I have been struggling with the frequent temperature changes in his room of late, so to be able to know what it is before putting him to bed, has helped me to make sure he is dressed comfortably for his sleep, meaning a better quality sleep for him.

The parent talk back function is also a handy tool to have, and the quality of the audio has been a nice surprise!


The Oricom Secure740 is great value for money in my opinion. I have been so impressed with the video quality and in particular the infrared night-vision, which is the same, if not better, than some other more expensive monitors on the market.

With a huge array of features to help make a parent’s life easier while monitoring their little ones sleep, I think Oricom have done a great job with this product.

The camera and parent monitor are both very user-friendly, there is not much I could fault them on!


As a first time mum, when I was in the market for a baby monitor, I really had no idea what features were important to look out for. Now, after a few months of using one, I can safely say for me the video quality, large parent display and the added bonus of being able to add additional cameras, makes for the perfect baby monitor.

The Oricom Secure740 has been a nice addition to my household, giving me piece of mind that I have an eye on my little guy at all times while he is asleep.

I would absolutely recommend this product to other mums!