Having seen the benefits of natural health on my own wellbeing before falling pregnant, I wondered if giving a probiotic would make a difference for my baby and ease his little tummy aches. So when I had the opportunity to trial the NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops, I was excited to see how it would work for me and my little one, not to mention it contains no flavourings, dyes, sweeteners or preservatives!

First look

Having so many additional products in the house for bub, I was relieved to see that the bottle was a neat little package and did not require me to add additional prep time in an already busy schedule. The liquid droplets are ready to go and easy to add to a bottle, on a spoon, or in puree.


Having kept a keen eye on my son and his digestion for many weeks, it was easy to see the difference that occurred overnight after beginning use of the NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops. Changing from weekly bowel movements, to going the very next day, also without the angst in the lead up, was a great sign his gut health was improving instantly!

After learning more on natural heath, it has become important to me that my son has something that emulates the natural gut flora and sets him up for positive health, both now and in the future.


My little one did not blink an eye when I first gave him the NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops on a spoon, an easy to count 8 drops. We rarely express and bottle milk, so the ability to have the drops without a milk bottle is very convenient to us.

The thrashing himself around in discomfort for days has now stopped, and a ‘number two’ can go by unnoticed until nappy change time. He is also more regular than the once a week before we used the drops.

People have also commented on his complexion being much more radiant and, of course, he is regularly smiling now because he does not have any discomfort – this has made me so happy to see!

Probio Mum review


NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops have been a pleasant surprise and added a big tick to our natural health journey!

Having only just started on purees and introducing food, we have not yet established if he has food intolerances. The fact that NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops contain no additives has put my mind at ease, being able to give him the drops from such a young age.

I would recommend NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops to all mums. It is priced very affordably at $24.99, available from NutraCare online store, meaning I can give my son a great start to health and feel safe all whilst being economical for me. Most importantly, I now have a bub who is happy and healthy, with no digestive discomfort. This is all I could ask for!