Being both breast and formula-fed, my baby girl would get quite windy, making her quite upset as it moved through her system. She would go four or five days without a bowel movement, which worried me, so I was looking for something to support her gut health.

Like all first time mums, I wanted to make sure my little one was comfortable after her feeds but I wanted to use products that are safe for her as well.

I changed her formula to one that was more easily digested which made a bit of difference but she was still not regular. I heard probiotic’s may help this so I wanted to give it a go.

Probio Mummy Review Eiran

I love that the NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops are made specifically for infants in an easy to use liquid formula that I could put straight into her bottles.


The NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops are full of the probiotic, lactobacillus reuteri. These have been well researched to be part of the human digestive system particularly in young children.

It was imperative to me that I use something that is naturally produced and gives my child a boost to support her gut health along as it develops daily. I was extremely pleased with the results.


I eased my little one into the product, it says 8 drops into their bottle or on a spoon, I put it into her bottle and she didn’t notice the difference at all.

Once we started on ProbioPlus+, she responded really well and I started seeing results after a couple of days. She began having bowel movements daily which was great, the movements seem to also be easier for her and she was far less windy in between feeds.

I also found it just as easy to give her the dosage on a spoon which would work for exclusive breastfeeding mums.


I also noticed a reduction in her baby acne on her face. While she didn’t have a lot to begin with, I did notice it become less frequent, to the point now, where she has none.


NutraCare ProBioPlus+ Infant Probiotic Drops retail for $22.99 and I would be happy to spend that on my daughter’s health to ensure she is more comfortable and less irritable giving us both relief.

I would definitely recommend NutraCare ProbioPlus+ Infant Probiotic to any mum who wants to make sure they are caring for their child’s gut health, relieving wind, and supporting an upset tummy. This left her a lot less irritable, resulting in a better sleep for us both.