Self-soothing is something that many many babies struggle with and rely on their carer to soothe them. This is where using a pacifier can help; the NUK pacifier is a game-changer.

Offering a pacifier gives your baby an opportunity to satisfy their sucking reflex without continuously latching on to the breast or being provided with bottle after bottle. Many parents worry about their baby’s teeth or jaw alignment from the use of dummies but the NUK pacifier is endorsed by orthodontists, midwives and paediatricians.

What Makes the NUK Pacifier Different?

NUK have remodelled the neck of the teat on the pacifier so it has a thinner narrower neck. The narrower teat neck reduces pressure on the jaw and teeth. It also has a flatter baglet and smoother underside which, apart from feeling more comfortable, it provides more room for natural sucking movements.

Research has shown that 95 percent of babies offered the NUK pacifier will accept it. So if you can’t find a dummy that works for you, it’s worth giving the new NUK a try.


Other Great Benefits

  • It’s modelled on the natural shape of a nipple
  • Ninety two percent of mothers involved in trialling the new NUK pacifier found that it didn’t interfere with breast feeding, so wont cause nipple confusion
  • It’s recommended by 100 percent of the orthodontists involved in the research
  • It assists babies to self-soothe by providing an opportunity for sucking
  • They come in various sizes – 0 – 2 months, 0 – 6 months, 6 – 18 months, and 18 – 36 months
  • It comes in both silicon and latex, which are both safe and hygienic
  • It comes in a microwave safe steriliser box so you can sterilise while you’re out and about
  • Comes with cute motifs for the fashion conscious baby (or Mum!)

For more information on the latest NUK pacifier and other NUK products, you can visit the NUK website.