I have a 6-month-old who is exclusively breastfed, so I found myself feeling overwhelmed with the number of bottle choices on the market.

I was excited to try the bottles from the NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set as the teats are shaped based on a mother’s breast and allow the baby to use natural facial movements when feeding – which is important to me.

Kamali Harun NUK Nature Sense

First look

When I first saw the NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start set I was genuinely excited to give them a go, it was an excellent starter kit for a first-time bottle user. It came with two 260ml bottles, two 150ml bottles, four medium teats, two small teats, a dummy, and bottle cleaner.

Kamali Harun NUK Nature Sense

Ease of use

To my surprise, my daughter took to these bottles almost instantly! I absolutely believe it was due to the asymmetric shape and the multiple tiny holes in the teat to allow a similar flow as would be present in the breast.

Kamali Harun NUK Nature Sense

The top of the teat also has a ‘Soft Zone’ which would have a much more natural feeling on the roof of her mouth instead of a harder rubber of traditional bottle teats.

The anti-colic air system, allowed milk to flow consistently through and prevented the dreaded trapped gas in bubs!

Kamali Harun NUK Nature Sense

Another important note is the smart temp indicator on the side of the bottle, being that I had never used bottles before, I had never had to heat milk.

I loved being able to use the indicator as a general guide to ensure the milk was at the right temp.


The only issue we had was due to the fact she has never had a bottle before, there was quite a bit of liquid leaking out the side of her mouth, however, I’m confident with more use she will quickly adjust.

Kamali Harun NUK Nature Sense

The NUK soother had an asymmetric shape that was definitely appealing to her however, it was slightly too small for her age at 6 months but it would be greatly suited to younger/smaller babies.

Kamali Harun NUK Nature Sense


I would absolutely recommend the NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set to any new/experienced parent wanting to try a more natural style bottle. It’s a great way to try multiple products before deciding which works best.