I was really excited to try the NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set. Being worried that I may be feeding my baby a bottle that’s too hot, it was great to see the temperature gauge on the side and the wide array of items in the Perfect Start Set to trial!

First Look

My son has been predominantly bottle-fed since birth, my biggest fear has always been feeding him a bottle that’s too hot. The temperature gauge on the side of the Nuk bottle changes from blue to white when the milk inside is too hot to feed to a baby.

NUK Starter Pack Isabella Williams


My 2-month-old has been bottle-fed since birth, so I was originally worried about how he would go with the bottle due to the shape of the teat being designed based on a breast. The teat is also designed to sit against the top of a baby’s mouth providing a more breastfed like feeling.

However, my son took the bottle straight away with no issues. There is also a vent on the lid, which reduces the amount of air being swallowed by the baby allowing for a continuous feed and less chance of colic.

I love that the NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start pack comes with a soother as part of the set. When I gave my son the NUK soother – he absolutely loved it and it instantly calmed him down. The soother is designed to resemble a mother’s nipple and I believe this is why it calmed my son down instantly.

NUK Starter Pack Isabella Williams


The set comes with small and medium-sized teats which is helpful for when my son is ready for the medium-sized teat as I have them in the cupboard ready for him.

The bottle brush also has a smaller brush inside the handle which is handy to be able to ensure that all milk has been cleaned from the teat.

The bottles have a wide bottle neck allowing for easy cleaning. The bottles are also BPA-free and able to be put in the freezer which is very useful for those who are pumping.

NUK Starter Pack Isabella Williams


The only issue I had was with the NUK soother, which I did love however, my son has very chubby cheeks and the plastic dug in and marked his cheeks after using.

This set is also very affordable compared with other products.

NUK Starter Pack Isabella Williams


Overall, my son liked the bottles, however being bottle-fed since birth I believe these would be better for a breastfed baby who is using bottles for the first time.

I would recommend this product to other mothers if they are breastfeeding due to the shape of the teats being so similar to a breast.