With so many alternatives when it comes to choosing baby bottles, I found that most parents made their choice by recommendations from family members or friends and what they each used. I was no exception, however, I found that my little one was quite colicky at night and upset after most feeds, so we had our fair share of trialling bottles.

When the opportunity came to try the NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start set, I was a little reluctant and concerned she wouldn’t take to a new bottle, but it ticked so many boxes, I gave up using the others I was using that very same day!

First Look

The NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set was exactly that – perfect! Offering not only 2 sizes in bottles, extra teats and leakproof screw cap, but also a 2 in 1 bottle brush AND a dummy!

NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set Dee

The bottle felt light, had a nice wide opening making it easier to fill (no more formula all over the bench!)

My most favourite feature – has to be the temperature control! Changing from white (too hot) to blue when bottle is at serving temperature, this had been just what I was looking for, taking the guess work out of feeling what the right temperature was to serve little miss.

NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set Dee

The temperature control really helped, especially at night and when on the move or when nana is looking after her.


With a boob like teat, my little one took to it instantly and polished off the entire bottle and without getting distracted. Something she didn’t always do. She even found it easier to hold herself and best of all, she wasn’t wincing and upset anymore after each feed.

NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set Dee

The transition has honestly never been easier, even with the NUK dummy. I had tried so many, but she wasn’t having it, only taking her same old dummy. Now, we have a few of these NUK soothers and she loves them!

NUK Nature Sense Review Dee


Bubs is far happier after feeds and isn’t so upset in the night. The super soft silicone teats with the little holes are gentle, familiar and comforting for her and I’ve found that there isn’t a need to break during a feed anymore as they have anti-colic vents, so less air is swallowed. And there’s also no need to tilt the bottle at awkward angels to get all the milk due to the wide opening and teat.

NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set Dee


I highly recommend the NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set to any parent whether they’re looking to transition from breastfeeding to bottle, help their little one with wind or even if they’re looking for a more natural bottle for their bubs to love.

I’m so happy we gave these bottles a go, it’s honestly made bottle feeding that much more pleasant and easy!