I was really excited to try the NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start set! I have used other NUK products before and loved them so was excited to see how my baby responded to more of the NUK range.

First Look

I love the convenience of everything that a parent or carer would need to get bubs started on bottle feeding, is all in the NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set – including a bottle washer and a dummy!! I was excited to see the temperature gauge on the bottle and couldn’t wait to try it out.

NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set Review by Deborah


The bottles, which are in 2 handy sizes, are very well-suited to a newborns mouth.

My baby has previously struggled with the design of other brand’s teats but he was able to confidently and securely attach to the NUK teats in this pack, due to their orthodontic and asymmetrical shape.

My baby, who has only ever used one brand of dummy, happily accepted the NUK dummy and used it during his naps without hesitation.

NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set Review by Deborah


We have previously struggled with fast-flow in other bottles/brands, but the bottles provided in the NUK set allowed for a steady, even flow of milk for our baby, and this helped to prevent reflux during and after feeding.

The anti-colic design has contributed to a much happier and well-fed baby! The temperature gauge on the bottle was a lifesaver! It gave me total peace of mind knowing that the milk wasn’t too hot, especially when it was late at night and I was still half asleep.

NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set Review by Deborah


We had previously been buying individual bottles, at a cost of $15-25 per bottle. It was very handy to have 4 bottles and a dummy PLUS a bottle cleaner (something new parents may sometimes forget to purchase) in one easy pack, ready for use after sterilising.


I would recommend the NUK bottles for use with all newborns, with the slow teat (options provided in the pack) coming in particularly handy with fast-feeding babies.

NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set Review by Deborah


This product is very well-designed for newborn use. The biggest benefit is having feeding products ready to go, rather than having to purchase all these items individually.

The bottles are strong and durable and are easy to clean, and the dummy is the perfect size for tiny cute baby mouths.

I would recommend this product to other mums because of the easy to clean and use bottles, provided in two sizes. The size options allow for the bottles to ‘grow with’ your baby as they require more milk with age.