The Nuk Nature Sense Electric breast pump is a sleek little unit that takes up very little space.

First look

Setting up the pump and using it for the first time is simple and intuitive. There’s a basic start up guide on the opening lip of the box that tells you everything you need to know in order to get going on what is an uncomplicated breast pump.

The buttons for pump speed and strength choices are clear so it’s not even necessary to open the manual. I love that it has a blue LCD display meaning it’s easy to track the length of your session or check what setting your on whether its day or the middle of the night – without disturbing a nearby sleeping baby.

Stephanie Juleff NUK Mum Reviewer

Ease of use

I was keen to use the silicon cover in the hope it would fit snug against the skin and create a seal to hold it on during pumping, however it didn’t fit my breast shape and as such when the pump was active pushed air back up against my skin and spat out some breast milk. Instead I found just using the plastic flange was a better fit and held on more comfortably to stop splatter.

The USB cable makes charging super easy and convenient anywhere you’ve got a phone plug, and the pump doesn’t lose power when the battery is low which is impressive – it holds enough power for three full 30-minute sessions.

The pump is also very quiet, which is a huge bonus to prevent disturbing any snoozing little people. The three pieces are easy to dismantle and the material the pump is made from doesn’t seem to attract milk fats and proteins, so cleaning is quick and easy.

Stephanie Juleff NUK Mum Reviewer


There are 16 different combinations to set the pump at, meaning you can get exactly the right strength and speed depending on whether you’re stimulating your letdown at the beginning of a session or wanting strong slow pumping to get maximum milk extraction.

Once you’ve finished you can immediately disconnect the bottle from the pump and put the lid on for a feed or store directly in the fridge.


The NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump is strong and efficient, extracting a good amount of milk out of each suck, and is on a par with the strongest setting on my larger non-portable pump at home. What I like about this pump is the handy strap that you can use to carry around the pump on the go.

Stephanie Juleff NUK Mum Reviewer



I would definitely recommend this pump, particularly as a portable option to take out in your bag or in the car.

Compared to other pumps out there, the Nuk Nature Sense Electric Breast pump is excellent value for money.