First look

I wasn’t expecting my NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump parcel to arrive the day it did… I was having a terrible day with my 4-month-old baby (hello 4 month regression!)

It’s a stylish, light-weight, and compact pump with a nice large LED display screen. It comes with everything you need, including a handy travel size NUK bottle to pump directly into and an anti-colic teat. It came neatly packed and was begging to be charged and used that very afternoon!

Ease of use

My first use of the NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump was smooth and straight forward. The large LED display screen made using the pump simple, the soft touch buttons are sensitive and easy to use.

The suction cup is easy to assemble, taking only a couple of minutes to have fully set up and ready to use –this is great for quick on the go expressing sessions.

It is powerful with great suction, while being quiet and comfortable to use. The NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump has multiple rhythms and strengths, with a memory function making it quick and easy to go back to you preferred program!

With sleek neat lines, the unit is simple to clean with no really small / hard to reach pieces to deal with – a huge plus for me!

Nuk Nature Sense Electric Breast pump


I liked that the display screen contains a timer, to let you know exactly how long you have been expressing for.

The battery life is great, lasting almost 4 day before needing to charge it again!

Charging it is simple, with a built in USB port, it can be plugged in on the go, or while sitting home.

Having a shoulder strap included on the pumping unit means it can be taken around with you – meaning you are not confined to one position while you are pumping.

It would be handy if it came with a travel bag to make it simple to keep together when out and about, but otherwise has everything you need!

Nuk Nature Sense Electric Breast pump


I found that if I was not breastfeeding and pumping at the same time I would start the settings a little lower and slowly increase to encourage my milk to come up gently.

I average around 10-15 minutes most sessions. Being fortunate enough to have  a good milk supply. I have begun donating some of my milk to bubs in need, the NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump has been very helpful in allowing me to do this.

The one negative is that you do need to hold it in place (unless you have a purpose-built bra), which can be tricky whilst having bub on the other breast. However, with practice, it becomes easier, as you begin to find a routine.


I would highly recommend the NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump to mothers that are trying to increase their milk supply,  or living a busy lifestyle where they need to prepare milk to be bottle feed. It is also extremely useful for mothers like myself who are just stockpiling in the freezer or are donating their milk to others!

It is easy to use, comfortable and quick at getting a large amount of milk in a short amount of time.