First look

I was drawn to the soft silicone cushion which is fitted on the pump and excited to test it out! Having previously used electric pumps I found the NUK Nature Sense electric breast pump easy to assemble with little instruction.

I was initially surprised at the size of the NUK Nature Sense Electric breast pump as I expected it to be smaller for a portable pump however the convenient carry strap makes it easy to use on the go and it is still very compact considering you can hold it in the palm of your hand.

Ease of use

The pump was quick to charge. The rechargeable battery lasts up to three pumping sessions (30 minutes each session). The prospect of now being able to express on the go, wherever, whenever, is exciting!

The Nuk Nature Sense electric breast pump is simple to use and comfortable against the breast. I found the soft silicone cushion to be enjoyable to use, having not experienced a pump so comfortable before.

The 16 different power settings allowed me to find a suitable rhythm and suction that mimicked my baby’s sucking motion. The pressure was strong enough to encourage a good let down while still being super gentle on the breast and nipple – hooray!

Useful features

The LED smart screen is visually appealing with its soft touch buttons and display. It also adapts to light settings, which comes in handy when using it at night time.

I couldn’t believe how quiet the Nuk Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump was considering it still has a lot of power for a portable pump. I was able to express a large amount of milk in under 8 minutes which, is key when you are busy with young children and on the go.

The memory function is a perfect option for those busy Mum’s who may get interrupted during a pumping session – it allows you to continue right where you left off!

The shoulder strap also comes in handy when moving about, and dealing with young children while expressing.



This pump was gentle to use, as well as being more efficient than expected.

Having previously used a hospital grade pump, I found the Nuk Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump to be just as effective.

After using the pump for less than 5 minutes on each side, I was able to get a sufficient amount of milk without feeling any strain or soreness, which can often come as a result of pumping sessions.

Nuk Nature Sense Electric Breast pump


A powerful pump with a soft and gentle suction makes the perfect breast pump, and this is exactly what I found the Nuk Nature Sense to be.

I am extremely excited to be able to bring my Nuk Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump away on my next upcoming trip. I would recommend it to every Mum looking for a comfortable and convenient pump for on the go.