When I first saw the NUK Nature Sense Perfect start set, I felt really excited to try them with my baby. The set came with 4 bottles – 2 small and 2 larger bottles, a dummy and also a bottle cleaner.

Nuk Nature Sense bottles pack

First Look

There were clear guides on the back of the box which showed you the different types of teats to use for different types of ‘milk’. It also outlined which teats to use for what age which is super helpful for a new mother.

Ease of Use

I have a 7 month old who has been using medela bottles since birth. He refuses other brands of bottles and teats so I was apprehensive about him being able to feed from the NUK Nature Sense bottles. I was pleasantly surprised that when I did try my son on the bottle, he took to it like a champ!

Nuk Nature Sense bottles

When he first sucked on the teats he was a bit unsure however, after a few seconds he sucked on it and drank his full bottle from it! I believe this was due to the design of the teat – the lid of the bottle is designed to mimick a mother’s breast and the tiny little holes models the milk ducts. The tip is super soft for the baby to suck on and the most important thing was the anti colic vent which allowed the liquid to flow constantly preventing air being swallowed.

He also took the NUK dummy for a few seconds which was a surprise as he hasn’t taken a dummy since 2 months old! He sucked on it for a few seconds then spat it out, played with it and put it back in his mouth!

Nuk Nature Sense pacifierRecommendations

The only issue we had was that when he did drink from these bottles he did have a lot of milk and saliva coming out the sides of his mouth. This was because he is used to the medela teats which are a lot bigger.

I would recommend the NUK Nature Sense pack as it comes with a range of different items from NUK which is a great way for new mums to test the product before buying more.