First Look

Every Mum wants the best for their child. We all want our children to be healthy and thrive. When I had to make the decision to introduce formula it was something I knew I had to do to ensure my daughter is getting the best nutrition. With this decision came the need for additional bottles to make the transition across to being bottle fed. I was given the NUK Nature Sense bottle to try our daughter luckily has taken easily and well to it.

Nuk Nature Sense Bottle Review

Ease of Use

The NUK Nature Sense bottles have many appealing features that supported my daughter to adjust. One key feature was the several tiny openings that are modelled on the milk ducts of the breast. This was fantastic to see as it helped to replicate her breastfeeding experience by ensuring a smooth and natural flow. This feature alongside with the wide flexible lip and extra soft top, ensure that the teat adapts itself to the mouth in a similar way to the nipple and breast.

Nuk Nature Sense Bottle Review

An additional and wonderful feature of the NUK bottles is the Anti Colic Vent which allows the liquid to flow constantly. This helps to prevent air being swallowed and causing discomfort. I found the flow of the teat combined with the Anti Colic Vent fantastic features.


One improvement I would make to the NUK Nature Sense bottle is for the teat labels to be slightly clearer. It took us some time to see the symbol located on the teat. An additional feature of the leak proof lids is fantastic but can also be quite difficult to get on and take off due to the tight seal. I am willing to live with this though if it ensures that milk doesn’t find it’s way onto my nappy bag.

Overall, the NUK Nature Sense bottles have supported us to make a smooth transition. Our daughter is now successfully drinking from a bottle and finds the NUK bottles simple and easy to latch to.

It makes feeding enjoyable for both of us. I will definitely be recommending NUK Nature Sense bottles in the future.