First Look

Having an 8-week-old baby who is predominately breastfed, introducing a bottle to him was a daunting experience. With our older son we tried several bottles before we found one that worked. This is something I wanted to avoid with our second son Koa. We were given the Nuk Nature Sense Bottle and to my surprise, Koa took to the bottle straight away!

Nuk Nature Sense Bottle

Ease of Use

The bottle is light weight and a great size for little hands to easily hold and comes with 2 different teats, S for thinner liquids such as expressed breast milk, and M for thicker liquids such as formula milk.

The stand out feature for me is the wide flexible lip which has an extra soft tip, which gives the baby a familiar feeling replicating the mother’s nipple.


Another feature which I love on the Nuk Natures Sense bottle is on the teat, there are several tiny openings which are purposely modeled on the milk ducts of a mother’s breast in order to ensure a smooth and natural flow. The bottle also has an anti-colic vent to ensure the milk flows constantly helping prevent bubs from taking in extra air so not to cause discomfort.

Nuk Nature Sense Bottle


Overall, I really like the Nuk Nature Sense bottle. With the lip being modeled on that of a real breast it’s easy to see why my son and many other babies would love this bottle. I feel comfortable that when Koa needs to take a bottle he won’t fuss over it. I encourage every mum and dad to try this bottle, especially if you have a breast-fed baby and you want to introduce a bottle now and then.