As a first time mum and registered nurse, I was very excited when asked to review the new NUK for nature latex soothers range. Since birth we have used NUK soothers due to the quality of the products and the unique nipple shape that is breastfeeding friendly and recommended by medical experts.

NUK for Nature Soother 05 Review - Samantha

First look….

NUK for nature soothers contain the original NUK shape inspired by nature and a naturally soft and flexible rubber which is made with more than 98% natural raw materials.

One packet of the NUK for nature soothers range contains two soothers which are perfect for storing in the pram, car and baby bag for those mums and bubs on the go. They are especially useful as a back up for when your little love accidentally drops one on the ground.

NUK for Nature Soother 01 Review - Samantha

When I opened the NUK for nature soother box I was surprised to see that the soothers did not have a plastic sterile box container inside. At first I was shocked as I am a great believer in sterile containers for soothers; however, I was also relieved not to have another plastic soother container to add to the collection.

They also come in three sizes ranging from 0-6 months, 6-18M and 18-36M meaning they can grow with your little love.

NUK for Nature Soother Review - Samantha 06

The NUK for nature soothers teats are made of natural latex from the milk of the rubber tree, making them soft and flexible, as well as bite-resistant for teething little ones and more durable then the silicone soothers. They are also recommended by orthodontists and support little ones sucking reflex.


As a breastfeeding mum, it was important to me to ensure I was using a soother that best replicated a nipple. The design of the NUK for nature latex soothers have been biologically shaped to replicate a mother’s nipple making it lightweight and easy to use.

NUK for Nature Soother Review - Samantha 02

In the past we have tried the round rubber latex soothers but our little love had never accepted them. We used the NUK silicone soothers originally so I was shocked when my little love took straight to the NUK for nature latex soothers.

NUK for Nature Soother Review - Samantha 04

The key features that I love about the NUK for nature latex soothers; are the cute designs, the environmentally friendly packaging and are clinically proven to be accepted by 95% of both breast and bottle fed infants.


NUK for nature latex soothers are very affordable, especially for the quality of the products. In a packet you get two NUK for nature soothers which is a bonus and quite often they are on sale at local supermarkets and retail stores.


Myself and our little love enjoyed trialing these products! Especially as we have used the NUK range since birth. I would definitely recommend to other mums and mums to be. With so many cute designs, affordability, age range and recommendations from clinicians it’s a great product for you and your little love to have.