Ever struggled to get your little one to drink from a cup? Well, the NUK Chameleon Straw Cup is going to change all that with its amazing colour changing motifs making drinking fun!


NUK Chameleon Straw cup increases your children’s interest in drinking in a natural and fun way by adding colour changing motifs that are temperature sensitive. The colour of the motifs changes when either warmed or cooled.  Your little ones won’t want to put these cups down once they see the magic of the colours changing right before their eyes!

You can experiment with your child by adding warm milk or even some ice cubes to the cup and see the magic happen instantly.  Let your little one experience the wonder of the NUK Chameleon Straw Cup by running it under a cold tap or even taking the cup into the warm bath for some added fun This product has been designed to stimulate the senses and imagination and make drinking even more fun.

NUK Chameleon Straw Cup Review

Not only is the NUK Chameleon Straw Cup fun for your child, it’s also spill proof.  With the flexible and extremely soft straw, it makes drinking easy and is especially gentle on the palate and gums for growing babies.  Suitable from 12 months of age, it’s also great for on-the-go!  With a simple twist, the straw disappears into the lid offering no leaks and less chance of getting dirty.


The NUK Chameleon Straw Cup is also made from high-quality, resilient materials, is BPA-free and holds 230ml of liquid.  A great addition to any household with fewer parts that can be reassembled in no time; the NUK Chameleon Straw Cup is easy to clean effectively.  Grab one today and make drinking a fun and imaginative experience for the whole family.

Standout features of the NUK Chameleon Straw Cup

  • Interactive Cup Motif – changes colour through gentle friction or warm/cold liquid
  • Soft flexible silicone straw is gentle on children’s gums and palate
  • Suitable from 12 months of age
  • Lid closes with a single twist to protect the straw on-the-go
  • Made with robust materials, BPA-free and holds 230mls of liquid
  • Stimulate your child’s imagination and make drinking fun!

RRP – $15.95