You’re expecting your next child and chances are the thing that preoccupies you most, is not the upcoming birth, or looking after a newborn again, it’s how you’re going to keep your other child(ren) occupied during those early frantic and exhausting weeks!

The thought of dumping them in front of the TV for hours on end or just handing them an iPad, already fills you with a wave of Mother’s Guilt but there is only one of you and you can only do so much. What you need is an activity to engage them for longer than 30 seconds, that they can get on with unaided and even learn something at the same time.

Shapeeze®, is a newly released craft and activity kit designed by mother of three, Simone Crighton, who understands all too well the demands of trying to cater to the needs of multiple children. Shapeeze is full of brightly coloured, pop-out-and-paste shapes in which, features a wide range of designs to keep your little ones busy for hours. However, it is more than just another craft and colouring book.

Developed in conjunction with early educators and occupational therapists, it introduces basic literacy and numeracy concepts and, crucially, encourages the development of fine motor skills and finger strength using the triangle-barrel pencils and press-out shapes. Children learn to identify the letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes and sizes and develop the confidence to attempt new activities on their own.

Shapeeze gives your children the opportunity to learn through play and traditional activities like colouring, gluing and sticking. It allows them to build stories through their own creativity rather than being told what to do. Allowing children to create and learn in this old-fashioned way helps extend their concentration, improves their ability to problem-solve and boosts their independent thinking and – most importantly – frees you to care for your newborn without tearing yourself in two.


Each pack has a carry handle, space for your child to write their name, a glue stick and a set of specially designed easy-grip colouring pencils and would make the perfect gift from baby.

Shapeeze is available in two age ranges: 3-5yrs and 4-7yrs and two sizes: a large A3 version for use at home and a smaller more portable A4 version ideal for travelling.