Developed by Australia’s most-trusted hospital breast pump innovator, Medela, the new Freestyle Flex breast pump aims to help mums have the flexibility to pump anytime, anywhere. It’s Medela Australia’s first app-connected flexible breast pump designed to fit all mums’ natural breast shape for up to 11 percent more milk!*

Medela Freestyle Flex

Medela Education Manager and Lactation Consultant, Kristy Newnham said, “breasts are like fingerprints, coming in all shapes and sizes. So, it’s wonderful we’re moving on from the non-existent, ‘perfect’ round pump shield that have been around for decades – and created a pump with a shield that’s shaped for every mum’s natural breast shape – for more comfort, and less compression.”

The Medela Freestyle Flex electric double pump is compact, lightweight, quiet, and USB rechargeable so mums can express whenever and wherever they need to.Medela Freestyle-Flex



Being a double pump, it halves the time required to express compared to a single pump! It also connects to the MyMedela app, which enables mums to track every pumping session, access expert tips, and be part of a community of over 12,000 mums.


What we love about the new Medela Freestyle Flex is that it comes with a stylish black carry bag and a bonus cooler bag that stores 4 bottles and comes with a cooler element to keep your precious breast milk stored safely for bubs on the go.

Medela Freestyle Flex

Additional Features of the Freestyle Flex:

  • Overflow protection (closed system) to prevent milk from entering the tubing and motor
  • The shield’s soft, natural rim with a unique angle and shape designed to fit every breast shape
  • MyMedela app connectivity, ensuring mums can track and log session times, settings used, and the amount of breast milk expressed
  • Light and compact design, weighing less than 300 grams to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Quiet – Freestyle Flex is noticeably quieter than Medela’s Freestyle
  • Medela’s 2-Phase Expression® technology to mimic a baby’s sucking action
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasting for up to eight double-pumping sessions, so you can express anywhere (no need to search for a power point)
  • USB port for powering on the go
  • Full support kit – the electric pump also comes with everything needed to collect and store your breast milk, including a carry bag and a cooler bag to help keep breast milk fresh if pumping away from home

RRP: $549.95

The Medela Freestyle Flex breast pump is available to purchase in Baby Bunting stores soon and online via

* Clinical studies, PersonalFit Flex compared to PersonalFit data on file (NCT02496429, NCT02492139, NCT02719548, NCT03091985).