Having a new-born is one of the most intense experiences of a woman’s life. Suddenly, things that you took for granted become hard work, like having a shower, or drinking a coffee (white it’s still hot). There’s a whole new dynamic to your life and one that we soon find, we don’t have much control over. Your baby is now the boss, and things can be a bit topsy-turvy as you all work out the new order of the day.

my medela app

The new MyMedela App will help you regain a little bit of order in your life. It’s a pregnancy and breastfeeding app, but it’s so much more. It’s also a personal digital companion; somewhere you can go for support or guidance, it will help you keep track of your baby’s nappy changes, feeds, sleep cycles, and so much more.

Make It Personal

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to personalise it – this will then give you access to ‘My Page’, which will have articles and information available, that is tailored to suit you. You’ll find lots of general information on looking after babies, but also information and articles that are relevant to you and your baby’s particular stage.

Built in ‘Problem Solver’

The app has a feature that is designed to address the most common baby, breastfeeding and expressing questions. It is developed by health care professionals, including lactation consultants, and covers issues such as avoiding nipple confusion, managing stress, milk blockages and milk supply.

Memory Insurance

There’s so much to remember when you have a newborn – when you last fed, from which side, last nappy change, last dirty nappy. The MyMedela app will track all of this, so you don’t have to. It will even keep track of your baby’s size, weight, sleeping patterns.

MyMedela app

Some Reassurance

All mothers wonder if they are doing things right. It’s natural to worry as we all want to do our best for our babies. The MyMedela app offers a clinically developed Breastfeeding Confidence Assessment. To help you achieve your breastfeeding goals, the assessment requires you to answer a series of questions which are designed to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses around breastfeeding. Based on this information, it will send you personalised information and tips that are designed to reassure you and build your confidence.

It may not be able to get you in the shower before midday, or help you drink your coffee while it’s still hot, but it can help with everything in-between!

The MyMedela app is free, and available on Apple iTunes and Google Play.