We have used the Mustela Eczema-Prone Skin Range, Stelatopia on our 2-year-old son River for 2 years now, after receiving a sample at a baby Expo. We found this to be the only product to clear up his eczema and keeps it at bay.

We love the Mustela product and were extremely excited when asked to try out and review the entire Eczema-Prone Range, Stelatopia on River’s skin along with the complete Mustela Normal Skin Range on our newborn son Koa who is 8 weeks old.

Mustela eczema cream

First Look

understanding the different coloured product ranges for the different skincare types, it was very easy to distinguish between each of the ranges. As we are using 2 different ranges in our household on the boys, we know that the Eczema-Prone Skin Range, Stelatopia with a green tag/label is for River and the Normal Skin Range has a blue tag/label for Koa.


Ease of use

The products in their different packaging are easily identifiable with knowing which product is for what. E.g. the foaming shampoo is in a foam up pump pack, while the face moisturiser is in a smaller bottle.

I particularly love the cleansing creams and gels that are in pump packs that you can lock so if little hands somehow manage to get them the lock stops them from pumping the product out.

Mustela Normal skin range


Its gentle on their skin and I love that they are made with natural, Avocado Perseose  & Sunflower Oil Distillate with no nasties. Who doesn’t love a product with avocado in it!

For River who has eczema prone skin, the Mustela Stelatopia range keeps the nasty red rashes away and no more itching hooray!

While Koa, who is 8 weeks old and hasn’t presented with Eczema yet, using the Normal Skin Range on his skin has made a huge difference. I have noticed if we don’t use it for a day or so his skin becomes dry very quickly. Koa had a small patch of cradle cap and we used the foaming shampoo which cleared it only after a few days, so we are loving the normal skincare range on him.

Mustela Normal Skin range


Being a mum of 2 boys with 2 different skin types, I needed to find a skincare range that suited both my children. I don’t have a lot of time or money to be continuously purchasing and trying new products all the time. Let’s face it, its damn expensive. The Mustela range has made this super easy for me, as we have found products that work with both of our boy’s skin types. Although they both need different ranges and therefore costing me more to look after their skin, both ranges keep the boy’s skin moist, supple and their skin feels milky, how babies and toddlers’ skin should feel. We are happy to spend the money on products that work.

Recommendation – Pros & Cons

We love the Mustela brand and products the pros far out way the cons.  The only thing I think the packaging would benefit from is by having a bit more English on the products to help mums and dad distinguish what each product is used for. I have been recommending the Mustela products to my mother’s group and a few of whom who have gone out to purchase the products.

I think all mums should try their products, I can’t recommend this brand enough!

See here for where to buy Mustela Products and watch this video on what Brittany had to say about the Mustela range for her boys.