I was very excited about the opportunity to review the Medela Swing Flex Single Breast Pump for Newbornbaby.

As a first time mum, sending my son Riley, who is almost 11 months now, to daycare, brought up many questions and worries for us. We we had a rough start with breastfeeding, Riley having only eased to the experience at about 8 months. I was nervous to begin pumping and give him a bottle again, as it was a long stretch to get direct feeding ‘right’.

The single pump suited me best, as through experience I have found the “hands-on pumping technique” to work best for me and Riley. Being able to focus on one breast at a time, with the Medela Swing Flex meant I could pump twice as much milk.

First Look

The PersonalFit Flex™ shield is the star if the show. You can tell, even inside the box, that it is soft, comfortable and will shape naturally around your breast.

Justine Medela Mummy Review

Ease of use

I love that the box comes with a ‘quick start card’. This made assembling, and getting started easy, requiring very little effort!

Dissembling and cleaning, are also very straight forward.

Justine Medela Mummy Review

Being bigger busted and a plus size Mum, I’m a huge fan of the PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields, as they cater for all different sizes, to fit all types of breasts – and they are just so comfortable!  I even managed to suction my breast so I could pump hands free and get some work done at the same time!

Justine Medela Mummy Review

Useful Features 

I love the Medela’s 2-Phase Expression technology – it is so easy to switch modes to trigger another letdown which saves so much time! I like that the motor works just as efficiently with batteries, making it portable, which provides a lot of flexibility.



I was concerned about my supply with reduced breastfeeding and being away from my son 3 days a week. When initially transitioning to pumping, I found my body took some time to adapt, I found it hard to relax and previously struggled to get more than 50ml per pumping session, but with the Medela Swing Flex Breast Pump, I have been able to relax, because I actually felt comfortable, and this has increased my output!


The Medela Swing Flex Breast Pump is great if you’re struggling to pump and would like both hands free to use the ‘hands-on pumping technique’. This breast pump is suitable to for Mums particularly with older babies or mums who need to pump occasionally.

It is an affordable alternative to a double electric pump, and you can get a fairly cheap Silicone Milk Collector to catch any letdown from the opposite side, if you are earlier in the post-partum period –  it is  an affordable duo for any Mum.

The Medela Swing Flex Breast Pump is a fantastic product with all the handy features, from the PersonalFit Flex™ connectors, providing a closed system for milk overflow protection, to the portable and compact design – the product is almost perfect, a teat and bottle collar to go with the package would complete it.

I love this pump and would recommend to all mums! I can’t get enough of those shields!