I was really excited to try the Medela Swing Flex. In the three and a half months since my son was born, feeding has sometimes made me feel anxious, but also has provided joy and connection. While at home caring for him full time, I’ve had to consider ways to increase my milk supply, and share some of the feeding with my partner.

Jennifer Cowell Medela Mum Review

First Look

The pump arrived neat and compact in the box – thankfully there weren’t too many pieces! What surprised and impressed me, was the two differently sized breast shields. As a larger busted lady, this has been a concern for me in the past and being able to tailor the shield to my shape was a big tick from the start.

Jennifer Cowell Medela Mum Review

Ease of use

The Medela Swing Flex is quick and easy to assemble to use; Medela have included a ‘quick card’ which made it easy to understand the functions and care of it, although the design is so simple and user friendly that after a couple of goes I could put it together in seconds.

Medela-Swing Flex Mum-Review

Useful Features 

I love how compact and portable the Medela Swing Flex is.  It can be plugged into a powerpoint or can run off AA batteries, and the motor unit has a clip on the back which can attach to my clothes and move around. While I have to hold the pump on, it means that I don’t have to sit in the same spot and focus exclusively on pumping. I have the freedom to go on the computer, watch TV, pump in the car while out and about, or sit down with my son and play with him.

Jennifer Cowell Medela Mum Review


The Medela Swing Flex single breast pump works efficiently, comfortably and easily. It has two phases – the first to stimulate the milk supply which lasts for up to two minutes, and the second to express. There are large buttons to change the vacuum pressure, and the transition from each phase is gentle and gradual (i.e. no pain from serious suction!). All up, it takes me less than twenty minutes to empty both breasts completely.


The Medela Swing Flex is a great unit and having come from a more cumbersome manual pump, it is absolutely worth the money. What is worth mentioning is that this pack only comes with one bottle with no teat, and these need to be purchased separately.


For me, the transition from a two-handed manual pump to an electric pump has made a world of difference. It’s helped increase my milk supply, and also provided me the opportunity to share the feeding with my husband. This has helped his bonding with our son, and also means I can take a break and go out of the house knowing that my boy won’t go hungry.

Having a pump that fits me comfortably, pumps efficiently and that I can use discreetly in a range of settings has absolutely made me feel more secure and confident with feeding.

Jennifer Cowell Medela Mum Review

I would absolutely recommend the Medela Swing Flex to other mothers, it’s so easy to use and takes the hassle and rush out of expressing.