I was very excited to be asked to review the Medela Soothers range given the great reputation Medela the brand holds in the parenting community. I have used many Medela products in the past and on the first look at these soothers I was really impressed with the quality.

Medela’s new soothers are made from food-grade silicone without any BPA or BPS and meet the highest safety design and quality standards.

Medela Soother Bianca Real Mum Review

Everyone knows just how frustrating it can be when you can’t find your soother and your baby is on the brink of a meltdown. The fact that you get two Medela soothers in each packet has been a lifesaver! It means I always have one ready to go when the bottom lip drops and your little love needs some comfort.

Medela Soother Bianca Real Mum Review

First Look

When I opened the packaging I was really impressed with the Steribox and protective caps that the soothers came with as well. With mum life being so chaotic with a toddler I liked the ease of making sure his soothers were kept clean and could be sterilized when needed with ease.

They also come in multiple sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, and 18+ months meaning they can grow with your little one and ensure you have a quality product to last you through your baby’s first few years.

Medela Soother Bianca Real Mum Review

I was also really happy to see the size of the teat. Medela has a symmetrical teat with a thin neck and reduced teat volume for healthy gum and jaw development for your little ones. I have tried larger teat soothers in the past and have always been curious about the impact on mouth development. I was happy to see a product that was orthodontic friendly and that supported a natural sucking reflex.


There are a few key features that I love about the Medela soothers and it’s obvious a lot of research and thought has gone into their design. The soothers are made of soft silicone which helps to support a natural sucking motion and the fact they are lightweight and flexible means they are comfortable for babies to use.

Medela Soother Bianca Real Mum Review

The soothers are inspired by Medela’s Contact Nipple Shield, which means they fit under the nose and don’t interfere with the baby’s breathing, and let them still be able to smell the comforting scent of their mother. They also come in some super cute designs and the subtle bear face on the silicone soothers was just too sweet!

Medela Soother Bianca Real Mum Review


I think the Medela soother range is extremely affordable for the quality of the product. The fact you also get two soothers per packet is a huge bonus as well as the Steribox for easy transport and hygienic cleaning of the soothers was a huge selling point for me!


I would recommend these soothers to another mum! – Absolutely!

We have loved trialing these products and the quality that Meleda display with other parenting products has been brought to their soothers range as well. With different options to suit any age of preference, affordable pricing, and cute designs it’s a great product to add to any parent’s bag of tricks to provide some comfort for their little ones as they grow.