I couldn’t have been happier when I was asked to review the new Medela Freestyle Flex. As a first time Mum, I have struggled with comfortable and efficient breastfeeding and expressing. I am returning to work in 3 weeks and my 6 month old Daughter has a dairy and soy allergy, so is exclusively breast fed. I wish to continue this and therefore, it is essential I have an effective, efficient, portable pump, that can withstand 7 or 8 sessions a day.

Medela Freestyle Flex Mum Review

First look

When the box arrived, beautifully wrapped and neatly packaged, I was like a kid at Christmas! The pack came with everything you need to get you started, including bottles and lids for storing. The design and sleekness of the product is the best I’ve seen on the market, it is lightweight and can be held in one hand. In the pack you also receive a handy cool bag and ice block, this will be essential for when I return to work to safely store my EBM.

Medela Freestyle Flex Mum Review

Ease of use

The pump assembles and disassembles easily, cleaning is much simpler than my previous pumps with less nooks and cranny’s. The one hand function of the pump makes it even easier to multitask. The star feature for me is the Personal Fit Flex breast shield. 

O.. M.. G.. what a gamechanger! 

As a bigger busted Mum, for the first time I had zero pinching of my breast tissue around the rim of the shield and I was comfortable when expressing. I also received the Medela easy expression bustier, an essential to increase the versatility of this pump.

The Freestyle Flex is exceptionally quiet, however does have a strong vibration, when placed on a hard surface (table) it can be a little noisy. I found this was overcome by placing it on a face washer or in your pocket.

Medela Freestyle Flex Mum Review

Useful features:

With built in USB rechargeable battery, you can charge on your computer or on the move in the car. It doesn’t reduce in expressing power when disconnected from the charge, as I have found others do. Bonus –  the charge really does last, I tested for 6 double pumps of 15 minutes and it still didn’t need to be recharged.  

The MyMedela app makes for easy tracking of your day to day moves. I made use of it recording pumping sessions and quantities.  

The only thing missing to make the Freestyle Flexi completely hands free, would be a clip on the back of the pump to attach to your jeans or bra strap. I got around this by tying the toggle strap around my jeans belt loop or you can just use it as a wrist strap.


I was concerned my supply would drop with not breastfeeding, but the Freestyle Flexi has helped increase my supply. I have gone from an average of 750ml expressed to a whopping 1.2 litres a day – just call me Daisy!

I feel I could probably stop pumping at the 12 minute mark, so the pump has cut my usual expressing time by 20%. The 2-phase expression technology definitely mimics the sensation of breastfeeding and there was no delay in my letdown.


I have already recommended the Medela Freestyle Flex pump to so many mums and I will continue to do so. This pump is nearing on perfection, the small addition of a clip would complete it.