I was excited to learn that Medela had released a soother range! I’m a huge supporter of the Medela brand and have loved using their breast pumps over the years with my 3 boys, so I jumped at the opportunity to give them a try with my son Hendrix.

Hendrix being my third child, along with my older 2 boys didn’t take to a soother in the early days, so was interested to see if he’d take to the Medela Day & Night soother!

Medeal Soother Day & Night Real Mum Review Brittany

First Look

The design is fun. I love the hashtags on the Medela Day & Night Soother (24/7 Milkbar, #Breastfed) and especially love the glow-in-the-dark function of the Night Soother. It makes it easy to find in the dark by bub and parents – making it a great feature. The teat is made from soft silicone which is also lightweight along with the design of the soother to fit under the nose to allow easy breathing.

Medeal Soother Day & Night Real Mum Review Brittany

I love that it comes with a handy protection cap that keeps the soother hygienic and makes it easy when out and about with bubs to pop in your hand bag. The soother strap is also a nice option to have to make sure the dummy does not get lost.

Medeal Soother Day & Night Real Mum Review Brittany


Hendrix took both the Medela Baby Day Original & Night Soother easily. I could tell he found it and easy enjoyed sucking on the soother.

Medeal Soother Day & Night Real Mum Review Brittany


I LOVE the glow-in-the-dark feature of the night soother. It makes it so easy to find in the night or in your baby bag. Let’s face it, that can be a black hole! I also love that this soother doesn’t have the ring so Hendrix won’t wake himself up if he happens to knock his face while asleep.

Another benefit that is important to me is the soother is made from food-grade silicone – without BPA or BPS. I also love that it’s orthodontic designed. With a symmetrical teat with a thin neck and reduced teat volume for healthy gum and jaw development. This makes me feel better knowing Hendrix’s teeth won’t be affected in the future.

Medeal Soother Day & Night Real Mum Review Brittany


I would recommend the Medela Day & Night Soother pack to other mums and dads. It’s a great soother especially for bubs who aren’t so keen on taking a soother like Hendrix. Every parent will love the glow-in-the-dark function, as finding those soothers during the night in pitch black is no fun.