As an eczema suffer, I’ve always been conscious of the sorts of products I used on my own skin, opting for soap-free washes and mostly natural products.

Needless to say when I had my babies I was especially concerned about using gentle products on their soft baby skin, particularly with sensitive skin in the family.

I recently tried La Clinica’s soap-free wash and gentle shampoo when bathing my baby daughter, Lee and instantly fell in love with the smell and texture.

And the nappy balm was soft and non-sticky, leaving no residue on her skin.

But the best part about La Clinica’s baby range is that they’re made from Certified Organic ingredients.

No nasty sulphates are used, only natural foaming ingredients.

Many baby products on the market do contain sulphates and chemicals known as skin irritants, which remain on the skin even after rinsing.

Each La Clinica product contains Silica Spring Water, sourced from La Clinica’s own certified organic farm in the spa region of Daylesford, Victoria.

They’re suitable for eczema and atopic dermatitis, are vegan and gluten free.

No synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances are used and of course they’re not tested on animals.

The range includes Soap free wash gel, zinc barrier balm, moisturiser spf 15+, soothing lotion, nappy lotion, calming massage oil, stretch mark belly rub, gentle shampoo.

Prices start from $12.