From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was overwhelmed by the thought of ensuring I was providing my baby with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs!

I had briefly heard about the Kin Fertility brand through Facebook advertising and when I was asked to trial it, I investigated the brand further – I wasn’t putting just any supplement in my body! Their website is full of information that is easy to understand and not overwhelming.


I have often struggled taking supplements as I have quite a sensitive stomach. Iron supplements have caused me to become quite constipated so I was worried in beginning a new prenatal, that this may be the case. Not at all! Reading up on the supplement, it mentioned its use of bioavailable iron which means a low level of constipation – I can safely say this works!

The tablets are easy to swallow, taking 2 a day – and the container is so sleek, it’s almost a new decorative piece for my bathroom shelf!

The standout for me about The Kin supplement is the use of Methylated Folate. It’s the most bioavailable form that every body can absorb and use.


While I know many women feel comfortable sticking with the trusty old brands when it comes to pregnancy, sometimes reading, researching and trying new things can go a long way! I am so happy I trialed Kin’s prenatal supplement and I can’t wait to keep using it right through to the end of my pregnancy. I’m hooked and it’s so easy to order from their website – you don’t have to go into store!