During pregnancy everyone will give you advice on how to prepare for a new addition to your family and what to expect once your bundle of joy arrives (lack of sleep). Rarely will anyone be truthful about the process your body will go through after giving birth.

A study undertaken found that 85-90% of first-time mums experience vaginal tearing, while 43% experience hemorrhoids. It is also common for mums who have just given birth to experience soreness, bleeding, itching and general aches and pains. Despite how common these symptoms are, it’s hard to know what products you actually need to recover – we aren’t taught this stuff!

The Kin Postpartum Recovery Kit simplifies postpartum recovery by including all the essentials you need to heal from vaginal birth, without the unnecessary filler products. The four-piece set is specially designed to clean, soothe, and restore ‘down there’ so that new mums can start to feel like themselves again.

After selling out twice, the ever-popular Kin Postpartum Recovery Kit is back in stock and ready to help Australian women recover from the birthing process.

Kin Postpartum Recovery Kit

Standout features of Kin’s Postpartum Recovery Kit

The Kin Postpartum Recovery Kit is a simple four-step regimen and here’s what we love about each part.

Peri Bottle – This makes those dreaded toilet breaks much less daunting. The Peri Bottle gently cleans the perineum to prevent infection and speed up recovery, without any painful pressure.

  • Upside-down angled nozzle – spraying is super easy and you can avoid the icky hand-in-toilet situation
  • Portable — the retractable nozzle and complementary waterproof bag allows you to take the Peri Bottle wherever you go

Kin Postpartum Recovery Kit

Postpartum Mesh Panties – These are super soft, stretchy and breathable panties which can hold your padsicles and adult diapers.

  • High rise for max comfort – holds you in snug without unnecessary pressure
  • Sturdy gusset (the layer in the crotch area) – maxi pads and padsicles are kept in place to prevent pesky leaks

Kin Postpartum Recovery Kit

Soothing Padsicles – These are not your ordinary padsicles. These padiscles have a built-in snap ice pack for instant cooling which means you don’t need to store these in the freezer (genius!).

  • 2-in-1 functionality – instant, soothing cold therapy plus absorbency in the one fuss-free pad
  • Full coverage – maximum protection from front to back
  • Travel friendly – they don’t turn cold until you crack them so you can take them out with you and use them whenever needed

Kin Postpartum Recovery Kit

Witch Hazel Perineal Healing Foam – Holy grail ingredient, Witch Hazel, relieves discomfort from perineal tears, itchy stitches and haemorrhoids. You can apply the Healing Foam directly onto sore spots, apply it onto maxi mads and padsicles, or use it to gently cleanse your perineum with warm water and the Peri Bottle.

  • Foam form – sits on top of pads to get absorbed your sensitive spots that need it most instead of getting soaked up by your pad like sprays
  • No harsh chemicals or fragrances – crucial for your healing skin

Kin Postpartum Recovery Kit

Another thing we love? Kin’s Postpartum Recovery Kit is delivered with free express shipping. This is a lifesaver for mums who have been busy focusing on the baby shopping and left their hospital bag prep to the last minute.

The Kin Postpartum Recovery Kit is the perfect gift for expectant mothers and the reviews speak for themselves.

“I bought your products as a gift for my partner in anticipation of the arrival of our first child (she’s here now, and she’s perfect!) my partner had a long labour, the items in the kit have proved incredibly useful in giving her some self-care as she recovers. I would, and have, recommend it to any expecting mother. The logistics were great, easy website, good delivery time frame. We were really happy”

“The postpartum products I ordered were for my daughter. She was absolutely delighted with them and experienced much-sought after relief from your products. Thanks so much for filling a sensitive, but essential, niche in the market. The after sales service and the delivery were really prompt too, which was an added bonus”

Kin Postpartum Recovery Kit RRP $119.00