When I was asked to review and road test the iCandy Peach, you could say I was beyond excited!

Just before Christmas, I had a pregnancy brain moment and left my Mountain Buggy in a park never to be seen again – I was devastated! I was 36 weeks pregnant with my second baby on the way and needed that pram more than ever! Thankfully, I hadn’t gone out to purchase a bassinet or buggy board for it yet!

First Look

At first look, the iCandy Peach is sleek and stylish with it’s leatherette handle and bumper bar and chrome frame work making the iCandy Peach stand out in a crowd – it’s definitely making me look more sophisticated…winning!

However, I was a little sceptical at first, as I’m an active walker and was insistent that I needed a 3 wheeler pram. I live in coastal Victoria where footpaths are scarce and abundant in rough terrain. I had previously broken a wheel from a Bugaboo from walking the same routes so I was ready to put the iCandy Peach to the test.


Useful Features

I was really surprised at how well the pram performed off road, with it’s smooth-rolling puncture proof tyres, both my now 6 week old (who was sound asleep) and 2 year old had a very smooth ride over gravel and up gutters.

I found the pram so easy to manoeuvre, particularly while carrying nearly 20 kilos of weight!

A great feature of the pram is the carry basket, which was able to fit my entire nappy change bag without being squashed.

iCandy Peach

I also loved having the ability to change the configurations from a single to a double pram with ease, allowing me to take my toddler for a walk by herself or vice versa with only my newborn and change the seats to forward or reward facing.

iCandy Peach

Having the bassinet option for my newborn was a huge plus and meant that he slept safe and sound laying completely flat. It also doubles as a great overnight option if you are traveling. The adjustable hood gave great coverage from the sun and people peering in too!

iCandy Peach

My favourite feature would definitely be how little space it takes up in the car boot. As all mum’s know, boot space is precious! My previous prams have taken up 3/4 of the boot space and they have only been single prams! The iCandy Peach as a double only takes up half the space leaving more room for groceries and luggage for those weekend getaways or the dog!

iCandy PeachImprovements

With the pram being so compact as a double, my nearly 3 year old daughter doesn’t seem to have long before she grows out of the toddler seat however, in saying that, as most 2-3 year olds do, they prefer not to be confined to a seat and would rather explore walking with you. It’s great to have the option for her to sit if she gets tired of walking or when we’re in a shopping centre.

iCandy Peach

Overall Review

If I had my time again and I was looking to purchase my first pram, I would definitely look for a pram like the iCandy Peach that can grow with my family. The iCandy Peach has so many great features that makes spending that little bit extra on a pram totally worth while.