As a first time mum, I find myself constantly worrying about anything and everything that goes near my little one – and the products I use on her skin is no exception!

Her skin is very delicate and sensitive. She has even reacted to products labelled for “sensitive skin” in the past, so I was hesitant to try anything new. However, I had heard so many great things about the Gaia Natural Baby Skincare Range, so when the opportunity came to trial the products, I felt confident in giving them a go!


My little one had been developing dry skin and a flaky scalp, so after doing a lot of research and reading of reviews, I begun testing the Gaia Natural Baby Skincare range to see if it could help.

First, I tried the ‘Baby Shampoo’. I found it to clean her scalp with no irritation, leaving her hair feeling clean, but not dry. The consistency of the product means that you will only need to use a very small amount per wash, so the product will last a long time.

We then added the ‘Bedtime Bath’ into our bedtime routine. The lovely lavender smell of the products adds to the already calming effect of the bath, which is great to settle her down before sleep time.

Again, there was no irritation to her skin, so I was then confident to try the ‘Baby Moisturiser’. Her dry skin has cleared up after a week of use! I found the moisturiser to be gentle and soothing. The pump packaging is also very convenient, meaning you don’t need to fumble around with matching lids while getting baby ready for bed.

I was very impressed with all 3 Gaia Natural Baby Skincare Range Products that I trialled. I feel confident and excited in continuing use.


The GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range products smell lovely and are not too overpowering. I am so glad to see that my daughters skin is to be responding well to an affordable and natural skincare brand. She has not had any skin irritations and the dry skin she had before using the GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range has disappeared. I also love that the products are made in Australia and are cruelty free! This is a big plus.


I would recommend all mums trial using the GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range. While all baby’s have different skin, I found this product to be extremely trustworthy and believe everyone should give it a shot!

It is perfect for baby’s with sensitive skin. I will definitely continue using them on my daughter moving forward. Yay!