For a long time now I have been looking for a skincare range that I know I can trust. To have one brand, that supplies all the products I will use on my bub, makes the whole process a lot more straight forward and comfortable for a new, busy mum. When I found out about the Gaia Natural Baby Skincare Range, I knew I was onto something good!

First Look

The first thing I noticed upon unboxing the Gaia Natural Baby Skincare Range is that bottle is clear, and therefore the product is visible. Not only does this mean it is easy to determine how much product is left in the bottle. The product clearly outlines it is ‘natural’ which is always a key influence in my decision making when buying a product. Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals on the delicate skin of my bub is crucial,  so the fact it  ‘contains pure natural and organic’ is fantastic.

The products having been ‘dermatologically tested‘ also gives me confidence my baby will not have any harsh reactions, and I love that it is Australian owned and made – this is something I always try to look for when experimenting with new products.

The Gaia Natural Baby Skincare Range smells beautiful and fresh, without being overpowering from nasty fragrances – this is a big tick! The bottles are all easy to use, as well look nice and neat on the shelf. In particular, the pump format of the Baby Moisturiser, is very convenient!


All of the Gaia Natural Baby Skincare Range products lather nicely in my hands and on baby’s hair, scalp and skin. They feel lovely and light.

The Baby Shampoo is great! It washes out with ease, leaving no residue. Bub hasn’t cried once when washing the shampoo out so it must be gentle on the eyes too, this makes the task a lot easier!

We have been using both Sleeptime Bath and the baby moisturiser each night before bed as a wind down routine. The essential oil blend with  lavender and ylang ylang in the Sleeptime Bath are so calming and relaxing. We follow this with a little massage for bub using the moisturiser. It is the perfect combination!

The consistency of the moisturiser is great, it is easy to rub into the skin and doesn’t leave it feeling feel greasy, meaning baby doesn’t feel all sticky when he gets to bed. The hints of shea butter, avocado and lavender are delicious! Beautiful, yet subtle.

My bub has gone from crying and protesting at bath time to enjoying it!


After trialing the Gaia Natural Baby Skincare Range products over the last couple of weeks, the outcomes have been great.

Cradle cap has been an issue since Sophia was born but I have noticed this has improved significantly over the last 2 weeks which suggests the shampoo is nourishing for her scalp. Her hair is so soft and shiny all of the sudden, and I have noticed it has even grown more since we began use! It smells fresh and beautiful after the wash. We are so happy!

Her skin feels soft and she is very relaxed post bath which helps with her night routine – bub is able to self settle more easily and fall asleep.

She also had some dry patches at the back of her legs (knee crease) which have improved since using the product, her skin is much less flaky.  On the whole, her body feels soft, clean and nourished.   


I have been so impressed with the Gaia Natural Baby Skincare Range, and will certainly be purchasing all of the products again. 

Having a skincare brand I know I can trust is so comforting. Plus, its all natural!

I would 100% recommend this product to all other mums out there. You can’t go wrong!