As a first time mum of a gorgeous newborn – I was given the GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range to trial and use with my daughter. Currently she is teething so anything that would settle her at night is great.

I have already noticed a huge difference when using the entire GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range. All of the products exceeded my expectations, and have become a permanent part of our bathing routine!

First Look

Like all first time mums, I also want to make sure the products I use are all natural and organic, where possible. The GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range is just that, as well as being beautiful to use.

My daughter’s hair and skin was so soft after use, the natural oils really stood out as a point of difference from other products I have used.


I like that GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range uses ingredients that are natural and organic containing vegetable oils and extracts that are vegan friendly and cruelty free certified.

The bath wash and shampoo alone changed my daughter’s hair and skin. She is sensitive, alike most babies, however the change in skincare caused her no problems at all.

GAIA Natural Baby Sleeptime Bath provided a relaxing bath experience, whilst gently cleansing her skin. She went into a peaceful slumber easily!

I also love the fact, in the current climate, that they are Australian Made. It feels great to keep the money in our economy!

Now, my baby’s skin is silky smooth!


The GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser is formulated to moisturise rough, flaky patches of skin, and to protect against dryness. My little one has a tendency to get dry skin, so it is brilliant that it contains nourishing organic shea butter, organic rosehip and organic avocado oils, along with natural extracts such as wheat germ oil and cacao butter. Her skin is left feeling smooth and silky after use.

The GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo is a mild baby shampoo, that doesn’t sting little ones eyes. It’s pH neutral and low foaming, so it’s gentle and doesn’t strip her scalp of natural oils.

Usually the day after her hair has been washed, there will be some dryness on her scalp – this was not the case at all with the GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo. Her hair is now soft and beautiful from the time it dries, right through to the next wash. The product also includes hydrolysed wheat protein, which strengthens hair and reduces splitting. I’m hoping this supports regrowth of a few small bald spots she has from when she was younger.

GAIA Natural Baby Sleeptime Bath definitely provided a relaxing bath experience. It has the calming extracts of organic lavender and organic ylang ylang – this is the perfect for her night time bath & bedtime routine.

Anything that will support my babies sleep, is a benefit to me! I am so happy to have found this product!


The GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range range is cost effective, and I can see it will last a while given you only need a small amount each wash.

The benefits are great, and the products are safe and natural!

I would definitely recommend the GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range to any mum wanting organic, Australian Made products to use on their child. We love it as a range!