When given the opportunity to trial the GAIA Natural Baby Skincare range on my little ones, I could not wait! I had heard such great feedback about the brand from other mums.

First Look

I love the new look packaging of the GAIA Natural Baby Skincare products – it is simple and neutral, and looks great on the bathroom shelf! The scent of the products is also nice, while not being overwhelming or unnatural. 


We have trialled various other bath soaps and moisturisers in the past as my eldest son, who is 3 years-old, has eczema, and finding ones suitable can be challenging. The gel formula of the GAIA Natural Baby Skincare products were great on his skin sensitive skin, and for our baby alike. The bath soap and the shampoo worked effectively to wash and clean both children, removing any dirt on their bodies from playing in the backyard.

My favourite is the GAIA ‘Sleeptime Bath’ – it left both children smelling of gentle lavender before bed and didn’t dry out their skin like other soaps can. The formula of the moisturiser was very hydrating, which I loved and didn’t feel heavy on the children’s skin when it was applied.


The GAIA Natural Baby Skincare ‘Sleeptime Bath’ soap, as well as their shampoo and moisturiser, left the children’s skin feeling soft, clean and moisturised.

The soap bubbled nicely for a fun bubble bath, and the bubbles lasted for a while. The shampoo left the kids hair nice and soft, with a light fragrance that smelt clean and fresh.

Using the moisturiser as part of our bedtime massage was great as the formula wasn’t sticky or too thick for delicate skin. Together with the warmth of a bath, it has been a lovely addition to our bath and bed routine!


For the quality of the product, I believe the GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range is very affordable, and I will definitely continue to purchase and use them on my little ones. 


I would recommend using the GAIA Natural Baby Skincare ‘Sleeptime Bath’ as both a bubble bath and shower gel. The soap and shampoo are gentle enough to use from birth and a great for older children as well. The moisturiser is also gentle on newborn skin and not heavy like some other brands. Perfect to use on tired legs and for a baby massage!

I 100% would recommend the GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Range to all other mums. I love the smell of all the products and how gentle they were on the kid’s skin.

I also enjoy when I get time to shower before bed using the ‘Sleeptime Bath’ soap  on my shoulders and neck – just as some self care and to make sure I have a good nights sleep!