Gaia understands the needs of parents when it comes to caring for a baby’s delicate skin. Their Natural Baby Organic Cleansing Pads are made from organic cotton so you can be assured that they’re not only gentle, but they’re kind to the planet that your little one will be growing up in. They’re also completely GMO-free, pesticide-free, and biodegradable when out of the packet.

Gaia Cotton cleansing Pads Product Review

What are baby cleansing pads used for?

When it comes to newborn babies, the advice is to choose cotton wool and cooled boiled water to cleanse their skin. Cotton is pure, natural, and non-irritating, unlike most baby wipes (except for these bamboo wipes, for example). If you’re already doing this, you would have found that it’s not necessarily the most efficient way—how many cotton wool balls does it take to clean that stubborn meconium off your baby’s bottom!

Because Gaia’s Natural Baby Organic Cleansing Pads are large, textured, and extremely absorbent, you don’t have to worry about running liquids, tackling tiny cotton balls, or any residual fluff left behind. Simply add some cooled, boiled water for a simpler, more effective way to cleanse delicate newborn skin.

If you already use reusable wipes, these organic cotton cleansing pads make a handy, environmentally-friendly backup plan for those days when you haven’t quite caught up on the laundry. It happens! You can rest easy knowing that they’re biodegrable when disposed of, and as gentle as a cloth wipe.

Gaia’s natural cleansing pads can also be used to gently pat-dry your baby’s skin before putting on a clean nappy to ensure the area is clean and moisture-free, helping to avoid any rashes or irritation.

They could even be used to hygienically apply ointments and creams. Keep them in your nappy bag for any spills or messy moments when you’re out and about —perfect for post-meal clean-ups, particularly when you’d rather not use a baby wipe on your little one’s face and hands. But, they’re not just great for your baby: you can also use them to remove your makeup or nail polish. With 40 in a pack, the whole family could use them and they’d keep you going for awhile!

Gaia Cotton Pads Product Review

Here’s why you’re going to love Gaia Natural Baby Organic Cleansing Pads:

  • Made from organic cotton
  • GMO-free
  • Pesticide-free
  • Biodegradable when out of the packet
  • Large and premium textured
  • Highly absorbent
  • Cushion soft
  • Cruelty-free
  • Australian owned


Gaia Cotton Pads Product Review

Available in 40 pack RRP $4.95

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