As a first-time mum, there are a lot of products available in the market which can make it very difficult to choose what brand you are going to use let alone what is actually going to work for your baby. I did research while I was pregnant and found that the GAIA Natural Baby Range is free of any harsh chemicals, this is why I wanted to trial this product.

First Look

With dry skin and eczema running through both sides of our family, I really wanted to make sure anything that I used on my baby was going to keep his skin hydrated and prevent any irritation on him. This product is made with 100% natural origin ingredients which is an absolute must for dry skin which makes it suitable for newborns, infants & toddlers, and has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin which is what drew me to the product.

GAIA Moisturiser Kirsty


The first time I used GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser after his bath, I really took notice quite quickly of how smooth and silky his skin was. With most products, you have to make sure their skin is completely dry first but with the GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser, you gently massage into damp skin after a bath which helps lock in extra moisture and truly leaves the skin silky and soft.

I have started to implement this into our nightly routine as it also contains the calming aroma of organic lavender which calms baby right before bedtime and gives both baby and myself a good night’s sleep and the rest we both definitely need.


It puts me at ease knowing that the moisturiser contains avocado oil which is extremely nourishing to skin that is prone to being dry and having irritation, organic shea butter which is deeply softening and easily absorbed into the skin, and organic chamomile which helps soothe and calm baby, especially before bed.

GAIA Natural baby Moisturiser

I love the fact that it helps keep my baby completely relaxed for bedtime. It is super easy to use which also is a bonus in itself. The fact you can apply some onto a baby wipe and can use it as a nappy rash cream too makes the product so versatile and keeps them soft everywhere.


I would 100% recommend this product. The fact that it has kept my son’s skin feeling extremely soft and silky and has no harsh chemicals added keeps any worries I would ever have at bay.

It is now a staple in our nighttime routine and I also pop it into our nappy bag to freshen his little hands, feet and face up during the day when we are out and about or when he is having a sleepover.

GAIA Moisturiser Kirsty

I use the whole GAIA range because it is so affordable and smells absolutely incredible and will continue to use this range until my son is older and for any future children I will have.