Every parent wants to give their baby the best they can, and if they’re anything like me, they want to keep life as simple and fuss-free as possible. Being familiar with GAIA Natural Baby products since my baby girl was born; I was looking forward to using the GAIA Natural Baby Hair and Body Wash.

GAIA Hair And Body Wash - Molly Review


One of the best things about this product is just how convenient it is – an all-in-one wash in a generously sized bottle. It was reassuring to see the dermatologically tested stamp on the label, so I knew that my baby’s skin would not feel irritated. The smell was also gentle and pleasant, a delightful mixture of Aloe Vera, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and Oat Extract that made my baby smell lovely but not overpowering.

GAIA Hair And Body Wash


It was a lovely thing to see my baby come out of the bath happy with smooth, supple skin and shiny hair. The evening primrose oil was so nourishing on her skin, it seemed even softer than it usually does. An added bonus of this wash was that it’s an all-inclusive wash, with Chamomile extract to bring out the natural highlights and shine in my baby’s glorious mane. No need for the extra shampoo step, which is thankfully one less thing for me to think about (because who as a new mum has time for unnecessary worries?!)

Getting my girl to have a bath used to be somewhat of a wrestling match, but since using the GAIA Natural Baby Hair and Body Wash, she has come to enjoy her bathtime and fusses a lot less.

GAIA Hair And Body Wash - Molly Review


The greatest benefit of the GAIA Natural Baby Hair and Body Wash is in the name itself, it is NATURAL! Full of awesome natural ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, oat, ylang ylang, and even the cleansing agent is derived from coconut. It also leaves out the yuck stuff like sulphates, soap, artificial fragrance and colours, parabens and petrochemicals. That’s a big win in my books. And given that my baby has come to enjoy bath time since using GAIA Natural Baby Hair and Body Wash, this product is definitely part of the daily wash routine from now on.

GAIA Hair And Body Wash - Molly Review


This ticks all the boxes for me – affordably priced and well-sized, convenient, gentle on my baby’s sensitive and irritable skin, smells delicious. It’s a great all-over product for everyday use.

I highly recommend this to any parent who is looking to simplify their baby’s routine and still wants something super effective and natural.