Being a first-time mum with a newborn baby who picked up a cold and diagnosed with a milk protein intolerance within the first 6 weeks of his life, can be quite overwhelming. His congested nose and chest really had me concerned.

After hearing about vaporisers and never had used one before, I was excited to try the Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporiser to help my newborn baby recover quickly and see positive results.

First Look

The Euky Bear vaporiser works wonders for congested noses, coughs and colds. I found it even more beneficial in the cooler weather. The air becomes quite dry and the vaporiser helps to keep that warm balanced humidity levels in the air.

First seeing the product, I thought looked a little bulky. However, after handling it, I found it very light and easy to use.

The set-up is quick as easy. Once up and running the soft warm steam is a great cue for getting the little ones sleepy and ready for bed.

The vaporiser unit is light-weight making it easy to move and handle for storage and cleaning.


Useful Features

Cleaning tablets and Easy Hold Grip – Cleaning is the easiest part. The cleaning tablets that are provided with the Euky Bear vaporiser dissolve during the vaporising process making cleaning so easy! This does not affect the efficacy of the product nor does it affect the smell. Then after every use the easy hold grip is not slippery making it stress-free to give a quick rinse and ready to use again.

Water level indicator – The 14-hour water level indicator not only makes it easy to see and know how much water to put in, but it is a great safety feature. Knowing the amount of time it will vaporise for and that you are not over filling it gives you piece of mind as a mum.

Safety-designed heating unit – The heating unit is easy to use as it twisted on and off. It also has an overheat prevention inbuilt feature meaning it won’t over heat in your child’s room making it danger/hazard free zone.


Quiet bacteria-free steam flow – This is my favourite part of the entire product (obviously!). I love the steam as it is so quiet it doesn’t affect my babies sleep patterns or wake him up. The “Sniffy Nose Inhalant” enriched with extra strong (and I mean strong) eucalyptus has such a calming and soothing scent. My baby falls right off the sleep while the steam clears his nose for a long good night, uninterrupted sleep.

Safety night light – I found this feature a great bonus. During the night it is a great safety feature when I go in to check on my little one. I can visibly see the vaporiser, so I do not knock it or trip over it while half asleep.

Therapeutic medical device – The most valuable feature of the Euky Bear is that it is a registered medical device. Meaning it is classed as a product that helps improve your health and wellbeing.

Inhalant mixes with water – The inhalant that is provided with the Euky Bear is easy to use. It is just mixed in with the water before turning on. My only concern was the scent is quite strong and having such a young baby at only 12 weeks old, I was worried this would be too strong for him. After using it first time round he was not bothered and slept longer than usual (very happy mum!).


First time use I found results. Usually, during my son’s naps, he can be quite loud. Almost sounding like his dads snoring! Like a course rattling and waking up with a stuffy nose. This is due to the cold he hasn’t recovered from.

Usually, after his feeds, he sounds quite congested and chesty like he needs to cough. This is a side effect due to the milk intolerance. However, after using the vaporiser the first time while my son napped, I found he didn’t make a noise! His nose and chest were cleared. After his bottle his breathing was clear and no stuffy nose.


Ease of Use

I found the vaporiser quite easy to step-up, fill and clean. However, if I decide to turn off the vaporiser early and rinse out the excess water, I am having to carry the entire product, including the heating unit, over to the sink so I don’t spill drops on the carpet with removing the heating unit.

It’s not the most attractive looking product. Having a baby boy, I’m glad the colour is blue however if I had a little girl, I’d probably prefer it to be pink. But in saying that this does not affect the purpose of the product and the vaporiser does live up to its expectations.


I would recommend the Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporiser to other mums. It served its purpose effectively and gave me results within the first try. The functions and extra features are what you’re looking for when you’ve got a sick and unsettled baby. It gives you peace of mind knowing your child is recovering while sleeping.


Always read the label and follow the directions for use.