I knew heading back to work and putting our daughter into daycare would be a challenge. She’s had a cold and had been congested in the past and other than basic saline spray or nasal aspirator to help clear her nose there wasn’t much relief. Being a first time, Mum I underestimated the toll a snotty little nose would take on my baby. It’s horrible…sad, sick, irritable baby. Sleep deprived baby, sleep-deprived parents. So much snot!

Euky Bear is a tried and tested, known and loved Aussie brand. My Mum used it when we were kids, I’ve used Euky Bear products with our daughter and with winter here and day care now a part of our lives, naturally I jumped at the opportunity to trial the Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporiser.

First Look

The unit design is basic and slightly bulky but something I’ll happily put in the lounge room or even our bedroom in the thick of winter, without it looking like it belongs in our daughter’s nursery.

Euky Bear - Jessica Simpson

It’s lightweight and portable. Perfect for sleepovers at her Nanna’s house or even in the caravan when we travel

Ease of Use

The Euky Bear Vaporiser is easy to use following the very straight forward instructions.

Cleaning is just as simple, adding the tablets to the water when in use they dissolve and vaporise through the machine. The cleaning tablets are made from all-natural products so you can clean the unit while running the machine as normal.

Useful Features

The unit has a 14-hour run time, which was perfect being able to turn it on before we start bedtime routine then leave it run all night and it’s so quiet, seriously no annoying humming or buzzing!!

We used the optional Euky Bear Inhalant, it’s relaxing and soothing. I wish I discovered this vaporiser and inhalant when I pregnant and congested. We already use the Euky Bear Sleepy Time room mist, which also comes as an inhalant, so I’ll defiantly be getting some for our vaporiser.

Euky Bear - Jessica Simpson

The safety night light stays on while in use and until the unit is turned off at the power point to help remind you to switch off the vaporiser.


It loosened the phlegm and our daughter was less congested.

She could take her dummy again to settle and woke with just a runny nose in the mornings. She was much more relaxed during sleep and we’ll defiantly continue to use the vaporiser with the inhalants.


The power cord could be longer, given the distance recommended from sleeping baby.

The inhalant smell disappears within a few hours. It would be good if this lasted longer into the early morning.


I would definitely recommend the Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporiser to other mums. Overall, it worked well in our house.


Always read the label and follow the directions for use.