Before becoming a mum to my little boy I worked in a busy specialist animal hospital where I was in charge of the care of many critically ill animals. Given this background I thought I would be fine when my little one was ever unwell. Little did I know as a first time parent that when it involves your baby you lose all rational thought and panic that every slight fever means the worst! That’s why trialing the Braun Thermoscan 7 Ear Thermometer has been a welcome addition to my household to ensure we are getting accurate temperature readings to be able to diagnose a fever quickly and help to get my little guy on the mend!

First Look

When I first looked at the product I was impressed with the sleek design and easy to use buttons and display. The Braun Thermoscan 7 has AgeSmart technology which means you can choose the age category of your child to ensure an accurate interpretation of the reading. I was unaware that the definition of fever changes with age and being able to take the guess work out of the reading is a huge help for any family. The display light also changes with the degree of fever: green for normal reading, yellow for mild fever and red for a high fever.

Braun Mummy Reviewer

Ease of Use  

I was so impressed with how easy this product was to use! The Braun Thermoscan 7 has a unique positioning system which uses a light and audible beep to confirm you have positioned the ear piece correctly for accuracy. I also absolutely love the fast reading of one second as my baby is very wriggly so getting him to sit still for any longer than one second for a temperature reading is almost impossible! This product is gentle and comfortable to use in your ear which is perfect for all members of the family but particularly infants.

It also comes with a storage cradle which means I can leave it right beside the cot in the nursery so it is within arms reach when needed.

Useful Features/Benefits 

The Braun Thermoscan 7 has an ExactTemp pre warmed tip which allows a more accurate representation of the body’s core temperature by minimizing the cooling effect of the tip on the inside of the ear canal. It also means that your little one won’t notice when you put it in their ear which is a game changer for late night temperature checks. I used to use a hard, cold standard thermometer to check his temperature which not only took what felt like an eternity to give you a reading, but my little guy was really not impressed with the cold tip going anywhere near him!


The Nightlight is also great for those late night checks and it means you don’t need to put on another light and disturb your baby’s slumber (which we all know nobody wants to wake a sleeping baby!)

The Thermoscan also has a memory recall of the last 9 temperature readings which helps to look back on if tracking your little ones fever or if you need to collate any information for your healthcare professional for review.


Value for Money

I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy and accurate the product is. I must admit before trialling the Thermoscan 7 I was unsure how much of a difference I would really notice after getting readings from my previous thermometer but I have been very impressed with this product for the fast readings, accuracy and quick color coded display which took the guess work out of interpreting if my little guy had a fever or not.

You do need to buy consumables in the form of the disposable lens filters but it’s a small price to pay for accuracy and to maintain hygiene for the entire family.



As a first time mum I think this product is a great addition to any new parents bag of tricks. I remember when I was pregnant reading all the books and blogs and researching so many products that every new parent ‘had to buy’. Unfortunately no list or book I read recommended a fast and accurate thermometer which became a huge oversight when my little guy got his first fever. Given my medical background I have always had values and data to assess the changing conditions of my critical patients but not having any readings to know what was going on with my sick bubba made me feel unprepared, overwhelmed and unable to make rational decisions about his health. Having the Braun Thermoscan 7 as part of my toolkit now means I am prepared and ready if my little guy starts to show signs of fever again.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.