When I went on maternity leave before the birth of my first child and I started thinking about sorting and washing all the adorable new baby clothes, I had to consider whether our existing laundry liquid was going to be up to the job.

I suffer from asthma, hayfever, and eczema and, while our current laundry detergent was fine for me, I knew babies’ skin could be particularly sensitive so I wanted something gentle enough to suit a new baby as well.

We already wash at least one load of clothes a day and I knew that amount would increase substantially with a little one in the house, so whatever we decided to use also had to be affordable enough for everyday use and really easy to find in the shops.

The fact that Bosisto’s Sensitive Laundry Liquid is available nationally at Woolworths – and there’s a Woolies at the end of my street – meant that it fit that bill for my family.

First off, I used Bosisto’s Sensitive to try and remove a curry stain from a white top. Even though the stain was fresh, I was impressed to see it had disappeared in just one wash, after soaking and washing the top as instructed.

Next, I used it to launder a load of baby clothes that had been left in the washing machine a little too long and had that funky, stale smell we all despise. After re-washing the load in my front-loader with Bosisto’s Sensitive, all the clothes came out smelling fresh, thanks to the antibacterial eucalyptus oil. However, the smell dissipated once the washing was dry so you don’t have to worry about all your clothes smelling like gum trees!

Bosistos Sensitive Laundry Liquid

Overall Review

With 33ml required per load in a front-loader (66ml for a large load in a top-loader), the one litre bottle of Bosisto’s Sensitive Laundry Liquid will last about 30 washes if used as instructed, working out at about $0.32 per load.

Neither bubs nor I have showed any signs of skin irritation since we’ve been using Bosisto’s and the liquid also claims to remove dust mite allergens, which can be a trigger for asthma.


My only issue with the product is that, although you need to use 33ml (front loader) or 66ml per wash (large load in top loader), the cap only holds 10ml, meaning too much repetition and a bit of guesswork to dispense the correct amount. A lid that holds the required amount would be preferred.