I was excited to receive the Bosisto’s cleaning products and pleased to read they’re available at Woolworths. While I’ve never noticed them before, I’m keen on the accessibility of a supermarket purchase as opposed to online shopping, particularly for cleaning products.

Floor Cleaner

I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning the floor because my cramped house is full of furniture that needs to be moved around but there’s nothing like a new product to get the motivation flowing.

Bosisto's floor cleaner

I prepared the floor cleaner in water as per the instructions and was instantly struck by the lovely smell. A quarter of a cup seemed to be a fairly large amount of product for 4L of water so I’d probably try less next time and hope it would work equally well. My linoleum floors and tiles came up well and the house smelled great. My husband even commented on the smell when he got home!

The natural ingredients appeal as I have a crawling baby and I didn’t have to worry about any chemical residue on the floor.

Multi-purpose Spray

Equally impressed with the multi-purpose spray. Again, great clean-smelling fragrance and no worries about chemicals being left behind after cleaning surfaces. It did a great job on my kitchen counters, cupboards and stovetop. I’ve also been using it to wipe down the high chair several times a day and cleaned a whole lot of plastic baby toys. Our baby play mat is wipeable and recommends cleaning with natural products so I was confident in using the multi-purpose spray.

Overall Review

These are great cleaning products which I will definitely be recommending to friends, particularly those with babies. I would definitely keep using these products.