While everyone will agree, that a nutrient rich diet full of vitamins and minerals is the best option for both adults and our growing children. However, it is also reasonable to say that some Toddlers and even adults, can be fussy eaters and it isn’t always easy, or possible, to get our Toddlers to eat such a wide variety of foods.

Toddler Milk drinks can help fill the gap for fussy eaters to make sure they are getting adequate vitamins and minerals in their daily diet.

Blackmores Toddler Milk Drink is made using premium Australian milk sourced from grass-fed cows in the Goulburn Valley and contains a blend of ingredients with 18 essential vitamins and minerals. It also has no hidden nasties, no added sugar (sucrose) or artificial sweeteners.

All Blackmores products are Australian, made from Australian milk by an Australian owned company, and its Toddler Milk Drink is no exception.


blackmores Toddler Milk


For more information about Blackmores Toddler Milk Drink and other products, visit www.blackmores.com.au/nutrition.