I don’t think I truly appreciated the opportunity to review Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls until I realised they weren’t just helping me decide which foods to give my little one for the first time. They took all the worry out of how to prep nutritious, safe foods and what utensils to use, all while assisting with her natural development. All of that in one cute, convenient bowl!

Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls


As a single parent and first-time mum, it was already pretty overwhelming when it came time to introduce solids to my little ones meal time. Considering all of the products out there, all very similar and all typically packaged in pouches, on top of wanting the healthiest and most natural choices for my daughter, was exhausting.

Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls

So, it was pretty refreshing to be introduced to Baby Bellies, offering an all organic (no added salts or sugars) range of food options that included a mix of pure-veg, fruits & oats, or grains & veg. And all wrapped up in these colourful, easy to follow packets and served in these awesome little clear bowls that can be resealed and reused, which mama loves!

Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls


Amara loves smelling and staring at the food in front of her and watching each spoonful come her way. Honestly within days she was grabbing at the spoon and holding it herself. She actually managed to get it all (mostly!) in her mouth, which was a first for us, so I was super excited. She is genuinely loving her food and keeping more in her mouth than on herself and the floor these days.

Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls


Each meal she gets to try new flavours, see new colours and feel new textures with the “Simple Spoonfuls” of the Veggie Bowls and “Tasty Textures” of the Smoothie Bowls.

Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls

The fear of mealtime and introducing solids has totally gone. I can see how interactive she’s become with her food and it’s actually now a fun part of our daily routine, albeit a little messy! And what’s even better, they’re now easily available from not only Woolworth’s but Coles now too!


Absolutely recommend it and can safely say the mindful design of these awesome Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls really has supported Amara’s natural development and made mealtimes that much easier and more enjoyable for us.

They’re super convenient, we snack in the car, in the park, on walks; can have them warm or cold – they’ve been a blessing in disguise. We’ve already started to spread the word!